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Tuesday, 6-Oct-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...mai Langkawi sat nuhh...for some readjustment

d workshop in session...great turn-outs from d LAs*
hhmm...wangi-wangian...somebody kirim la...not for own use
Less than 48 hours after touching down from KB, we were in d air again. This time to Langkawi...on d invitation of JPBD for a workshop on 'Land Readjustment'. This is a relatively new concept in our Tanah Air n I m covering it in one of d courses that I handled. Hopefully when this approach goes into full swing here, many...or probably most of d land issues can be dealt with. If u want to know more...come to my class!

here we in Kuah's was still subh n many of d Kuah-ans were probably still layan-ing their dreams/nitemares.

we [my Sayang joined me on this trip...of course] arrived yesterday afternoon n managed to visit various outlets. BTW, I've been to Langkawi many times but this is my 1st time to get personal this close with si Helang d landmark nihh

when Langkawi is mentioned usually people with equate it with shopping. Well...not much of that can be seen here...very likely b'coz it is a weekday. But quite a number of international tourists nevertheless

ok...time to take off again...this time in d Truly Asean flying contraption

nearly reaching LCCT...n came across this sunset near d beach of PD...Lukut...or may be Sepang

* local authorities laa...

Saturday, 3-Oct-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...Kelate delights Pt. 2...jale sano jale sini

our temp abode while in KB since Thusday
n yess...shouldn't gave Yati a miss while there
morning today...gloomy PCB
Of course our rendezvous in Kelate does not revolved around Angah's wedding semata-mata. Since we put up ourselves in d Royal Guest House [without his majesty's invite fer sure], d many many touristy places were easily within reach. On top of that we also managed to travel a bit in our rented Kancil, which was replaced with a Wira SE on d last day due to a/c problem, to Rantau Panjang, PCB, n around KB n its vicinity...

Thursday...on d way east n somewhere above Tanah Melayu

a not long after touching down [we were greeted by NIk n Najwa] n our first stop...without fail since our last trip here...was to enjoy a plate of nasi kerabu @ d nameless but well patronised outlet in Baung. Sori la that d fork n spoon doesn't match...huhu

some scenes of KB

yesterday...took my Sayang, Mak, Ina n Wan to Rantau Panjang. Found our later that there is no Friday solat conducted within d town. But alhamdullillah this abang offered me a ride to a masjid about 2 km has been a while since I membonceng...hihi [BTW...d khutbah was delivered in standard slang what so ever]

today...while d ladies busying themselves in pasar Siti Khadijah n Buluh Kubu, I made my way n paid a visit to d many museums near our Guest House

n while waiting for d time of our flight, we ronda2 here n there n came across this modern/contempo unit near Salor...probably it belonged to a housing developer/contractor based on d location of a small office next door

if u r wondering why some Kelantanese called Tesco as Tisco...just observe d above foto...hhmm

Friday, 2-Oct-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...Kelate delights Pt. 1...Angah's nikah

yesterday...readying d troupe...
...various forms to read thru n sign
post-nikah dinner...delicious dishes dehh...
D 2nd week of Eid n we were really way off our usual raya hot spots. This time we were in Angah followed up on d promises he made last take a girl from Pasir Mas to be his wife. we r on d east coast of Tanah Melayu...after a flight out of LCCT yesterday morning. D majlis pernikahan was held last nite while d reception was conducted afternoon today at Zuriati's place. BTW...not many fotos for today's ceremony as d camera suddenly went dead.

yesterday's afternoon...Angah tired [+ nervous probably] after d long drive from Sg Tua in d morning

later that nite...ready n raring to go for d pernikahan do

at d masjid n awaiting for his historical moment

listening attentively to d khutbah pernikahan...with his abah giving close support

d 'other side' counting d mas khawin...cukup alhamdullillah

warming up n practising d akad...b4 d real thing

n here goes...alhamdullillah Angah passed with warna terbang...only one lafaz je...congrats

...followed by d doa kesyukuran

Zuriati is now 'officially' Angah's...welcome to d family Zu

n signing d forms to make it official. But no touching touching yet... Angah has yet to perform his solat sunat

time for exchange of gifts now...

...a gelang for Zu...

n a cincin for Angah

next we moved to Zu's place for dinner...

n d glowing bride n groom posed one last time for d nite

today...getting ready for d reception

Angah n d hantarans...all packed into d Pajero n ready to go

b4 pose with his abah

okay...everyone...take your place n get ready to berarak...

...accompanied by d kompang posse...who coincidently were wearing yellow as well...

n that's all about this point d camera went no bersanding or any additonal fotos from me...huhu

Thursday, 24-Sep-2009 22:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...raya-ing around n b'days too own b'day...n a home-made cake...hihi Sitiawan for raya n Lumut for lunch
Wednesday...raya breakfast
D raya mood is still thick in d air n this was further compounded with our 1-week leave. Monday, d 2nd day of raya, saw us heading to Beranang n Cheras for raya visits [no foto though]. N it was also my b'day...n with d cake shops still yet to open for business, d kids decided to bake a surprise b'day cake for your truly...very touchy woo. How old am I this year...lets just say old enough...hhmm.

D following day, Tuesday, we planned to drive to Sg Belukang but while on d way we received a call stating that those over there wanted to visit our relatives in onwards to Sitiawan it is then. Visited 2 houses of my opah saudara over there...n made a short stop in Lumut as well. Anyway, today is Luqman's 11th b'day...n as we r visiting Zana/Shahrul + family for raya, we decided to have an impromptu b'day celebrations there.

Penat gak ehh zooming here n there...but just wait for this weekend, d next n d one after that...fuuhhh. we r converging @ this tranquil area of Sitiawan for raya-ing...

...n making a pit stop in Lumut for makan tghari + some 'light' nyopping for bilis n whats not

on d way back...stop by for raya-ing @ BgGee/BgAzmi's addition to collect Ashriq who opted to stay with us for a few days

After 3 days of raya dishes...we elected to go Swedish raya-ing @ Ikea we did with Farhah tagging along

N today...we congregated to Zana/Shahrul's haus...including those coming from Sg Tua along with Cik n Ticham+wifey. From d above it can clearly be seen that Along Nadrah n Umar were ever ready to pose for foto...provided d moods r gud of course

I rushed to d nearby Equine Park n alhamdullillah d bakery was opened n managed to secure a b'day cake...

...for Luqman's 11th year on this earth

Sunday, 20-Sep-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...Eid Mubarak 1430

outside Masjid Bt Laut
my Sayang n mummy
maaf + duit raya session
Our raya celebration started with a trip to Batu Laut for the final iftar this Ramadhan. September being busy month for birthdays within our family members, witnessed another one being celebrated right after our iftar...this time for Ashraf. There were some calls for mine as well but it was simply d case of 'belum cukup haul' lagi...hhmm. D 1st day of Eid itself was as per our usual routine...celebrating it at both Batu Laut n Shah Alam. We arrived in Shah Alam later in d afternoon n d rest of d family were oredi there...minus Dubai-based Chemi of course...but d kids simply enjoyed all d merriments...n especially d duit raya of course...n with special mention of 'duit raya' coming all d way from Dubai...hihi

our last Iftar for this Ramadhan...hopefully not d last for all of us. + a b'day celebration as well

solat raya in Batu Laut...this young imam was very good in his delivery of his khutbah...1st time for me to hear him here me think...

...n followed by a ziarah to d tanah wakaf

certainly qualifies as keluarga 'sedondon' that ejaan correct...hhmm

n back to d haus...sesi bermaaf-maafan ensued...n not to forget duit raya give-away too

eehh...d newly-wed couple pun dapat duit raya gakk from us...tak aci betuulll

next on d agenda was raya foto session...

n jalan2 to d four 'compulsory houses' in Batu Laut area

later in d afternoon, we made our way to Shah Alam...turned out that Bang Ngah n family were oredi there

n another round of posing-posing followed next...

no...don't ask me what that hands signal symbolises...I am in d dark too. Anyway, alhamdullillah our raya celebrations has got off to a great start. One thing though, there's a lot of upcoming raya weekends going to be put aside for Angah Rashdan n Ramadhan's there'll be less opportunities to raya-ing here n there...we'll see...

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