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Saturday, 10-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...jengok ikea notts jap

hari ni tak kerja (4-day weekend youu..), so jengok la kejap ke Ikea Notts. Bukannye apa, sesaja nak tengok the locals Xmas shopping. Farhah & Luqman pun join sekali...Luqman tu actually coz dia nak gi play area kat situ...
Anyhow, sempat gak minum2 kat situ b4 rushing home sebab the kids ada kelas Fardhu 'Ain

Tuesday, 6-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...test drive

hari ni sempat temankan sorang kawan gi test drive Merc E200 jap dekat area Gedling/Carlton. Kereta tu nampak ok gak tapi may be the asking price was a bit steep for its year (1999). It was listed in ebay & rasa2nye tak kan sampai reserve price yg the seller tu letak (6250). Area seller tu quite nice...hilly...& nice houses, 1st time la kire nye sampai kat situ...

kereta being tested while I am sitting at the back (like a boss??...)

Monday, 5-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

njoying HSBC's new interior lay-out
Farhah njoying HSBC's free hot chocolate
sempat Farhah snap masa prepare surat ext utk UIA
today we went to the international office in order to extend our student visa. Prior to that we stopped by Beeston to get the latest statements from HSBC, which is one of the documents required by the Home Office. Farhah came along with us as it was 'insert day' for her school. Of course, at HSBC, we gasak their free coffees... By the way, HSBC was opened for the 1st time today with its new & updated lay-out.

at the int'l office we were glad as the officer that we met said that all our documentations were in order & well-prepared...thanks to all of our friends for their inputs

BUT..jeng-jeng-jenngg...later in the day I received an email from IIUM stating that my application (that I've sent end of Sept) for extension of study leave didn't reach them...!!! So, may be I've to do it all over again...

as my brother would usually say at this juncture...hammppeehhh...

Saturday, 3-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...Beeston - passport fotos & beli ceklat

tghari tadi nyinggah kat Beeston jap...coz kena ambik passport fotos...nak hantar ke Home Ofis utk xtnsion. Then baru la pulak tau...yg kat UK ni kalau passport foto...tak boleh senyum sikit pun...kalau nanti Home ofis reject...macam2 hal la diorang nih... Then tringat pulak, kalau dlm news kat tv tu, kalau tunjuk fotos org2 wanted or whatever, patutla semuanye tak da yg sengih...

and bila dah sampai Beeston ni, ada lak Saturday market, nyinggah la pulak beli ceklat...yummmyyy...

Thursday, 1-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark trip to London

drebar ni tak reti nak cilok..
d only 2 people yg tak shopping kat Oxford Street
band ni datang dari planet Grinragong (less gravity=longer legs)
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Today we left London by bus at 5.40am (...subuh pun tak masuk lagi) along with Salwani in order to renew her & my Sayang's passports. The bus was stuck on M1 for quite some time; and stuck seems to be the order of the day as we were also delayed for about 2 hours travelling back to Notts due to burst water main near Golder Green in London. The immigration dept at M'sian Hi Comm (sempat borak2 dgn Dato' Aziz, M'sian Hi Commissioner to UK, Pak Hassan, etc.) was quite crowded but we managed to get the new passports at about 4.00pm, alhamdulillah.

While waiting for the passport, we had lunch at Malaysia Hall (met Utz Rahim & En Sharifudin) (by the way...sambal belacan 50p youu...) and a short walk-about around Oxford Circus. With all the 'stuck'-ings, may be taking train to London would be an excellent idea the next time around...hhhmmm...

note: last 2 fotos above pakai mobilephone je...tu la blurr sket

sempat berfoto di celah2 Christmas shoppers kat Regent Street

...scenery kat Oxford Street (...tak bawak tripod, so hand-held je la for 0.3" exposure)

...nyambil2 tunggu passport tu, cit-cat jap ngan Dato' Aziz

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