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Monday, 28-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...the snow falls for Jamalulail & family...

...Baha, Shariff & Zan tgh berebut barang2
...macam foto 'boysband' pulak
Norli & gang bincang bukak bisnes kat M'sia
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It was snowing quite heavily for a short while today, perhaps to allow Jamalulail & his family an opportunity to experience it for the final time in Nottingham. Yes...another family is leaving Nottingham; Jamalulail's. They joined us for dinner last night (Sunday), unfortunately Jamal himself couldn't make it as he was feeling under the weather. But Norli was there along with 3 of their children. As usual, as we were having our dinner, the kids immersed themselves with PS2 upstairs...

On their last night in Notts, a number of us dropped by Jamal/Norli's place and I brought along Farhah & Luqman. Talking over nescafe/air kotak & kacang goreng, Jamal discussed with us about things to do before going home...utilities, ntl, etc. Thanks to Jamal for all the useful tips and the various stuff handed out to all of us (jackets, toys, book, pots, RAC card, bicycles & golf set {ehem..ehem}). Well...they're off to East Midland at 4.30 am to Paris for a connecting flight to KL. Thanks & good luck to Jamal/Norli & family...til we all meet again...soon...insyaAllah...

Norli having dinner at our place...joined by 3 of her children

Farhah & Azreen sharing few final moments in Notts together...


...Jamal's final foto session with the gang in Notts

Sunday, 27-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Jamuan Raya NMC 2005

lauk-pauk disusun-atur
food bouncers-tak bagi org ambik lebih..
Luqman posing raya dgn Aiman
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NMC held its Jamuan Raya 2005 today at the Noel Street Leisure Centre. We were joined by a large group of undergrads & two officers from London (JPA & Mara). On offer were nasi tomato, ayam masak merah, telur kurma, acar sayur, karipap & pelbagai kueh. The dishes were prepared by members of NMC who were divided into a number of kariyahs & specific menu. Roslli also took the opportunity for korban aqiqah for his boy...alhamdullillah. All in all, another chance for all of us to get together & have delicious meals & great conversations...and foto posing session of course...

As usual, jamuan raya NMC went on very 'meriah'ly and one undergrad managed to ask me ...memang tiap2 tahun cam ni ke?... and eventho my mouth was full, I simply smile & said...of course... and he went on happily to ceduk more lauk-pauk...


...we all ni sebenarnye confuse nak tengok camera yang mana satu

Saturday, 26-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kariyah Bobbersmill...ayam masak merah utk Jamuan Raya NMC 2005

Tomorrow is Jamuan Raya NMC 2005 and we are part of Kariyah Bobbersmill yg telah ditugaskan to prepare for ayam masak merah for about 100 people. So tonite, members of the kariyah gathered at our place utk me'merah'kan ayam2 tuh..

...masa nak snap foto Elyas terus rampas senduk & berlakun konon2 dia yg jadi chef

...sesi food this foto, pakai chemistry approach...utk make sure tak terlampau ber-asid or alkali, kena pakai satu pinggan tapi dua org makan...baru boleh dapat pH 7 pulak the 'official food tester' group, yg sanggup berkorban 'makan apa saje' utk ensure food utk jamuan esok safe for all NMC members...ish ish ish.. Tapi tak semua diorang ni test ayam merah tu sebab dah kekenyangan pekena bubur lambuk, bubur kacang version 1.0, bubur kacang version 2.0, murtabak, kuih dalam talam, samosa & kopi O 'koww'...

Sunday, 20-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...raya & xcelent combo indeed

with Imah & Alia the bday gal
Fahim & Payat try restoren D'Tangga
at Hakimi/Hanum's place
It is a chilly Sunday morning (-4 earlier) & had a late b'fast...after a very-very late 'borak'ing session last nite at Afifi's place (...til about 1am mind you). There were 6 families there, enjoying variety of dishes that some of them brought along just for the session...with Afifi offering Fifi Rodgers Roaster Chicken...yum-yum.

Today though, we went to 2 birthday do-s, Izni/Imah's daughter, Alia's 1st birthday, and later Shahrul/Mai's daughter's. We managed to squeeze in another raya ziarah, this time at Hakimi/Hanum's place. Learned later that Hakimi did his u'grad in Memphis & knew Graceland inside-out, since he had been there for more than aint nothin' but a hound says elvis the pelvis...

Bila dah tau yg Hakimi used to work for Nestle, asked him the million-dollar question...'ngapa Milo Ice yg ada lori bawak masa kat sekolah dulu very-very sedap when compared to other Milo Ice anywhere else'... Hakimi pun tak tau sgt the mystery continues...(with X-Files theme song in d background).

Awateef, Farhah & geng dgn the bday gal, Alia...

...onto another birthday, kat rumah Shahrul/Mai pulak...

Saturday, 19-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...bye-bye Notts - Malini & Arif

Today, two more of our friends left Notts for Malaysia: Malini'Chuni' & Arif. Looks like bederet-deret pulak org nak balik Malaysia. Last nite, both of them had a 'farewell' drink at our place accompanied by Sharif/Farah, Malik/Salwani, Hanizura & Faiz (who himself just recently arrived from Malaya...still ada bau belacan...acah jee). We were also informed that the big day for Malini & Arif is in January, insyaAllah. To Malini & Arif, good luck, selamat berumah & bertangga & do keep in touch...

Malini & the ladies enjoying each others company over goreng pisang, spicy mushroom soup, garlic bread & coffee...well...about £3.25 per head after discount & without VAT...hehe

Foto session dgn Arif...Faiz tu macam marah Arif nak balik je...

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