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Monday, 7-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...and then they are gone: Shariman/Mas and Adnan/Azah & family

brief farewell speeches by Adnan & Shariman
...g'bye lil sister...
...g'bye my friend
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6/11/05 was another landmark for NMC as two families left for Malaysia; Shariman/Mas and Adnan/Azah. We were honoured as Adnan/Azah & family joined us for breakfast that morning while Shariman/Mas couldn't make it for last-minute packing. Shariman passed his viva with minor correction on 4/11/05, alhamdullillah & congratulations...& taught us of his '30-second pause' methodology or strategy. As for Adnan & family, eventhough they were here for slightly more than 1 year only, they made a significant impact onto all of us...and the huge turn-out to bade them farewell was a reflection of this...

So to you guys. ..thanks for the memories while you were here in Nottingham & semoga Allah memberkati perjuangan kita semua.....insyaAllah, dimurahkan rezki & dipanjangkan umur, we'll meet again soon...another time...another place...

Sunday, 6-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
An Aidil Fitri in Autumn - Nottingham UK: Part II

2nd Raya:mula kat Dr Zainal's place
malam 2nd raya kat rumah Roslan/Mimah
unplugged-with Airil, Midon & Gang
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Salam to all again. This entry covers 2nd, 3rd & 4th day of raya (4-6/11/05).

2nd raya tu, b4 pegi solat Jumaat, sempat gak visited rumah Dr. Zainal/kak Yam; all of their children & cucu celebrated raya in Nottingham tahun ni. Borak2 dgn Khairul, his eldest, & quite interesting to know that his job is developing games for mobile phones. Tak banyak fotos taken coz bateri kong & didn't bring any back-up (lesson learned..). Then off to Dato/Datin's place & pekena roti Nan & teh tarik. Congratulations to Dato for his upcoming convocation.. Dah tu we all managed to ziarah Airil, Rosli, Penghulu Kamaluddin, Roslan/Mimah & Baha (ayam percik secret recipe). Kat rumah Roslan/Mimah lak ada unplugged session, led by Airil & Midon. Masa tu ramai gak yg perasan jadi David Arumugam of Alleycats.

3rd day of raya started with open house hosted jointly by Elyas/Siti and Utz Kasy/As. Nxt we dropped by another open house jointly hosted by Afifi/Nasiroh & Basri/Zan (ada kueh jennifer lopez noohh). Rumah Yahya was attacked next & the host pun sempat bagi crash course pasal beli pinggan/mangkuk/teko thru ebay to Kak Yam & Datin (masih terngiang-ngiang "...99p jeee!!??..."). Dah tu singgah rumah jap to entertain Dr Zainal/Kak Yam, Dato/Datin & Mok (x-rakan seperjuangan 'trolley' Unipart kat D82). Afterward we all ziarah Azman (yg still berpuasa..sabag Man noohh..ingat pesan Tok Adnan Siku) & Ida...dapat gak pekena pulut langkawi + kuah deroyan. Lepas tu gi ke rumah Elyas again & lepak2 before off to Paiza/Azimah's place for nasi kerabu (offered for 3 days in a row..) & the infamous pemangkin..budu (..male ni buleh mimpi kecek kelate dehh..).

The 4th day of Syawal started off on a sombre note as 2 familes departed home from Notts; Shariman's & Adnan's...fotos for this can be found in another entry of this Fotopage. Anyhow, the raya spirit goes on. We managed to drop by Sharif/Farah's place & savour their nasi briani gam...probably sponsored by UHU. Farah kata tak boleh buat banyak2...kena quality control.. While there we met Nora (of Kaed UIA) & family from Portsmouth, story-story la sikit pasal UIA with them. Visited two open houses next, Iko/Izan (tv giant as heavy as kancil??) and their neighbour Hisham/Niza (laksam & lidi-less satay). Then off we went in 3 cars (plus Midon's & Utz Kasy's) to Meor/Noriza's home. While there managed to catch Man Utd-Chelsea game (1-0...sori la Meor said: asik menang je pun boring gak..). Next we were at Wak Li's (700 questionaires with 100 questions for each...terkehel tangan nak data entry) house. Dah tu singgah rumah sat coz Yahya & family came by...and next visited Baha's place again sebab he called for us to come & have some satay (with lidi this time).

Well, it has been a long raya week-end...and another enjoyable one at that. As frequently asked by Luqman, "Abah, lepas ni rumah sapa....", well...we'll just have to wait, right?...

Til next entry...continue to enjoy your syawal...wassalam

Friday, 4-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
An Aidil Fitri in Autumn - Nottingham UK

The ladies - after solat Eid fitr
and the the guys...
Utz Kasy berkhutbah..that he prepared at about 2am the night b4
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Another eventful 1st day of hari raya yesterday (3.11.05), an Aidil Fitr celebrated in autumn with falling leaves everywhere and cool wind blowing lightly in the land of Robin Hood. Raya celebration started with takbir from rumah ke rumah after Maghrib the night before, tapi I managed to join only halfway as I was working til 8.30pm. Kali ni takbir was done with involvement of a number of undergrads...a good sign indeed.

While doing our takbir rounds, after some discussions, it was agreed (at about 12.30am!!) that we should organised our own solat sunat eid fitr. An email informing the others was issued around 1.00am something...from Elyas and his Meja Kebajikan of course. The solat was held at Adnan's place since most of his stuff has been sent back to Malaysia...special thanks to him for providing a place for all of us. The solat session itself is pretty special as it is the first time that everything was done Malaysian-style. So...the takbir pun lebih syahdu & mendayu...lebih feeling lagi...sampai ada yang nangis . Khutbah pun was nicely done walau pun Utz Kasy tak tau la pukul berapa siap preparing for it...syukran ya Utz.

Then off we went to 'attack' friends' houses after the solat. We have to budget our time as we are having our own 'open house' that night, 'officially' from 6.00 to 10.00pm. Alhamdullillah, most of the dishes had already been prepared in the morning & the night before. Even with that in mind, we managed to ziarah places of Malik/Salwani, Basri/Zan, Raza/Anis, Yunus/Shikin, Nizam/Hani, Midon/Dalina, & Azman/Shida (Sneintton) & arrived home at about 5.35pm. Yea, I know...with about 25 minutes to spare to prepare our Open House.

Well, our Open House...actually it was a joint Open House, together with Mazlan & Masri, whose house is flooded (sikit lagi nak sampai ceiling!?) with Italians, the furniture that is...not the people....bellisimo. On offer were nasi himpit (from Asda), masak lodeh, sambal kacang with ayam, rendang daging, serunding tok, laksa, laksam, pelbagai kuih & drinks. Alhamdullillah, the turn out was HUGE. Memang real punya RAYA. Rasa-rasanye, all in all, about 150-200 friends came by. Judging from what we saw as well as those that you can see from the photos attached, I think they enjoyed themselves just as we enjoyed having them around.

This is probably our final eid fitr in Nottingham, insyaAllah. So we'll try to savour it a whole lot more. Thanks to everyone who has made this another very meaningful regularly pointed out by others, Malaysians in Nottingham is really something else. So, to all of our friends, selamat hari raya Aidil Fitr & maaf zahir batin from all of us in the family. Can't wait to experience the second Raya day & this weekend...more Open houses to go & friends to meet. Til next entry...wassalam

Monday, 10-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Trip to Paris : 29/9 to 3/10 2005

Entrance of Disneyland Paris
Luqman cam takut je
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assalamu'alaikum...nice trip...left notts b4 subuh...smooth sailing on M1 and then jam teruk kat M25. total traveling time - almost 12 hours. stayed at Eurocamp Paris Internationale; located at Maisons Laffitte...quite a good deal. dalam paris, road/hiway signage not up to sesat barat gak. hujan...on & off, so masa kat Parc Disney (30/09), bila hujan...masuk rides/show yg with roof.

01/10-jalan2 kat paris city...the kids nak tengok sgt Eiffel Tower. staff kat paris st. lazare, very helpful, english speaking pulak tu. then straight to Eiffel Tower & had lunch next to it. dah tu gi Arc de Triomph. then solat kat Plaza de la Concorde...menjeling gak org2 kat situ. dah tu gi Louvre, ramai gak armed guards (outside Parc Disney pun ada)...signs of time.

02/10-went to Disney Studio, stunt show (moteurs action!) memang very well choreographed & executed. around 6.30pm, masuk Parc Disney - tiket passe partout - boleh masuk dua2. 03/10- bye2 Paris/France, it has been quite enjoyable: different architecture, environment, culture & of course, nice baguet! next stop, dover, rasa mcm balik kampung bila sampai jolly ol england. ronda2 kat st. magaret, memang dah lama nak visit the white cliff (kekadang Top Gear test kereta kat situ). on the way to notts, call geng & was informed besok start puasa. alhamdullillah. til next entry...wassalam

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