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Saturday, 19-Sep-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...happenings in Ramadhan 1430

...Planning students iftar @ Kaed
...Raya nyopping @ MidV with d gurls...
Komplek PKNS...really thriving preRaya businesses here
This entry basically covers d happenings during Ramadhan as didn't really get d opportunity to update regularly n d breakdown of d internet link @ home...twice [hhmm...was thinking about switching to another service]...didn't help much either.

Alhamdullillah...for being able to experience another Ramadhan. This blurry scene was from d 1st nite tarawih @ Masjid Negeri.

N d 1st day iftar was held @ Bg Azmi/Bg Gee's place...n there was a b'day celebration as well

Puasa also signals d busy time of shopping raya...n here we r @ SACC. I was reading few magazines in MPH n overheard d singer entertaining d crowd really sang like Ahmad Jais...turned out that it was really him...hihi. D band was in all white uniform...probably from d navy gamaknye...

we also celebrated another b'day...this time for Awateef. Happy b'day to you...n all of us berdoa for u to do well in your upcoming SPM, insyaallah

04-09-09...went to Matta Fair @ PWTC...not for d travel fair actually...but as part of class assignment since a property fair was also held simultaneously. Anyway, this Korean girl conducted a survey for a PhD candidate n I was d 1st respondent. Didn't get any souvenir d one who have them was yet to arrive. It was quite interesting survey...basically to find out d perception of Muslim tourists to Korea.

made another run to KL on 06-09-09...n of course raya shopping equals to traffic congestion all over d city...this particular one was on Jln Raja Laut

D planning students organised an iftar on 08-09-09...together with under-privileged children. They then had an impromptu nasyid...1st d boys...

...n then d girls...

...there was even a main bunga api session

one interesting thing about malls r d deco that they designed n erected for d many festivities. @ MidV, this year is less elaborate me think but nice nonetheless...n a ghazal troupe strutting its stuff

another stop during this puasa was d Sunway Pyramid...n it so happen that there was a Peugeot test drive session...but not for d above number

we also had an iftar session @ our abode on 13-09-09...

d last Friday of d Ramadhan...hopefully we would be able to experience many more Ramadhans to come n reap its plentiful bounties, insyaAllah

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...jengok d Orient jap...Day 7 : HK - Singapore - M'sia

last look @ HK's many tunnels...
...Singapore...n just another flight then
Changi...hhmm...seems like a great place for another foto op...

We made preparations to leave for home today after about a week away. Initially we were thinking of taking d airport bus like when we 1st arrived...but we just couldn't find its route near our hotel. N since we have to be @ d airport 2 hours prior to departure, we flagged down a taxi instead...n pay nearly 4 times more of d bus fare...

it was quite amazing that with all d nyopping done, d total weight of our luggage was well below d we just deposited all of our bags into d plane's belly n walked into d cabin luggage-free

its goodbye HK has been a great trip...n personally it has changed my perception of HK n d part of Mainland China that we visited. It really was a good learning experience

n after a few hours of flight n a couple of on-flight movies...we arrived safely in gloomy-looking Singapore's Changi Airport

With some time to kill, we just meandered here n there within d airport. Bumped into this charger station that can be used by most of d electronic gadgets people possessed...n its free too...voila!!

in addition, bumped into Lewis Hamilton also who want to take a foto with me. I just asked him to stand in his corner as I just want to pose with his miniaturised mean machine aje...

n at last...we were on our last leg of our flight...onwards to KLIA. This is over Singapore...not long after taking off.

finally...d blue sky of Malaysia...alhamdullillah we arrived safely...n with great memories of our sojourn to d Orient...till d next trip. Bila n ke mana yeaa...hhmm

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...jengok d Orient jap...Day 6 : HK- Guangzhou-Shenzhen-HK

breakfast @ Holiday Inn
later...Toyota factory
much later...hhmm...familiar scene nihh
Today is d 2nd n last day for us to be on Mainland China. I opted to join d morning walk-about to see d Old City of Guangzhou with d organiser while d rest of d M'sian 'delegates' gave it a miss. We cheq out afterwards n boarded d bus back to HK but not before visiting various stop points to learn more about d development of Guangzhou.

During our morning walk-about, one of d attractions was this old opera house. This used to be d premier house in its heyday n one of d most notable names include d father of Bruce Lee himself. BTW, d above foto was snapped by d organiser...thats y I am in d foto along with my camera pinjam...

If u have watched d many documentaries on China, u would be bound to come across a patriotically proud poster such as this. One thing though...all of these posters looks like to come from d same template...radiant red cheeks n red lips...may be they have a school for this

d walking tour also observed d tremendous pressure for development within d Old City...seems that d modern hi-rises r ready to swallow d old buildings along d tree-lined streets. After d walk-about, we hopped onto d bus n headed for a briefing at...

...Guangzhou Urban Planning Bureau. N it even has its own paper cup...hhmm

d briefing was delivered by senior officials of d bureau. Basically there r a lot of redevelopment taking place there...including relocating many old n established settlements

...this is d newer portion of Guangzhou...with wide boulevards n hi rises under contruction almost in every corner

We also stop by n d new CBD [central business district for d non-planner...]. Wahh...luxurious jugak these gov't officials...polis pun boleh pakai d latest Odyssey...fully black-out tint pulak tuh...

n part of d redevelopment is d construction of this 610-metre Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower. This is to be completed prior to d Asian 2010 Games to be held here. This tower was a minority bcoz it is said to be designed based on female form...hhmm...meaning that most of d towers in d world are male form. More info on this can be found at

Our next stop was Guangzhou Hyatt for lunch. D restaurant was quite high n offers a panoramic view of d surrounding area...such as d above lego-like Children Hospital

n more development here...this will form a central axis for Guangzhou's new CBD...n very likely that d old settlements on d distant right will make way soon

ok...enough about demolition n redevelopment...its makan time n we r in for a treat as unlike yesterday's dinner, d dishes for our lunch r seafood/vegetarian n definitely pork-free...

...looking yummy indeed...rite!! N this was just one of d courses...

as with other Hyatt...d place was very well-equipped n well-staff I guess

after recharging our tummies, our journey continues...n saw this structure that looks like a ultra modern fast boat by d river side. This actually is d Guangzhou Science Hall

in addition, we also got a peek into Guangzhou's Mega-University City. Why mega u ask...bcoz there r 10 universities located next to each other at this corner of d city. Personally...I think that is too much 'planning'...hihi...

...the above is 1 of d universities...n there r not much differences design-wise. But at least they do share some common facilities such as stadium n etc...n they don't have to travel far for any inter-Univ tournament agaknye...

our next agenda is a visit to d port...which is an important business for Guangzhou. On d way there we journeyed thru many networks of rivers n waterways with colorful houses lining along them...

...n hectares n hectares of agricultural land with white houses [possibly to cool down d interior]. It can be observed that many still opt for d manual method as not much mechanisation can be witnessed on d agri land.

n here we r listening attentively to d briefing by an official from d Guangzhou Port of Nansha. This is one of d major ports for China...n he added that more areas will be reclaimed n turned to shipping ports to meet future demands

If u think that our tour ends here...u r wrong of course. Our next activity is to see d inside of a Toyota assembly plant. On d way there, some attempts to secure energy from renewable resources can be found...such as these wind + solar power complement d high-voltage power cable in d background needed to churn d city's various industrial activities

this guy probably think that he is renewable...that y he elected to be helmet-free

n our final tour for d see how a Toyota is assembled...Guangzhou-style

at last we r on d way to balik kampung to HK...

but encountered some western-style congestion on d hiway...

...n reached d CIQ about 2 hours later. They mayb didn't have d auto spell-checker turned on while designing this signage...or versi lanun punye kott

ok...get d documents ready

this is a actual border separating China's Shenzhen n Hong Kong within d CIQ. U can see that it is not broken lines as u usually see in any map depicting border between countries...huhu

hahh...lega...oredi on d HK's side with d imposing CIQ structure to be left behind

interesting to note that only vehicles with 2 registrations...such as d above...can operate in both HK n d other side of d border. HK's plate is d white one

while on d bus n travelling on a long bridge...managed to capture our final HK we r leaving for Tanah Air tomorrow afternoon

N as u may have suspected...we didn't make way to our hotel immedaitely. We disembarked from d bus n say our goodbyes to d rest of d delegates at a Kowloon Terminal find ourselves [d M'sian delegates] d 1st available we need to revisit Mongkok

n from d look on these faces...u simply know that business has resumed as per is nyopping time!! This is another type of reclamation if u want to know...bcoz there were simply no opportunity to carry out this 'local economic generating' activity while we were on d Mainland. So...kira justified la tuhh....

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...jengok d Orient jap...Day 5 : HK-Stanley n Shenzhen-Guangzhou on Stanley
afternoon...leaving UHK
later...Shenzhen Municipal Planning Bureau bldg

Based on d agenda of d conference, in d afternoon we would be leaving for Shenzhen-Guangzhou Planning and Development Tour...meaning that we r going to travel to Mainland China. But prior to that trip, in d morning we took d opportunity to visit d southern part of HK island...specifically Stanley via Repulse Bay.

it is still early in d morning n here we r joining d queue for d bus to Stanley. Each bus can accommodate 16 passengers only n that is why u can see d long line...waiting for d buses to arrive. Fortunately there were many buses...or more like d Coaster-type midi-bus. U may also notice that most of those in d queue r tourists

d journey took less than an hour...n we r oredi in Stanley. More info about this settlement's background can be seen in d smaller foto at d top right on this entry. D residential density here r much lower than HK Central...but probably pricier. BTW, d structure @ d waterfront above is Blake Pier which has been relocated from d HK Central...may be because of d reclamation works

n this is Stanley Market...another commercial centre catering to d tourists...since we arrived there early, most of d shops have yet to open for business

this is d newer development in Stanley...merely few metres from d Market...n it is known as Waterfront Mart

ok...time to leave d touristy town of Stanley as we need to be in UHK @ around 1pm for d Mainland trip. Fortunately there is a regular bus service that pass by UHK. So...byebye Stanley. BTW, d bldg on d right must be quite new as d design is more is a public bldg with a library being one of the available facilities within it

N with land being scarce in HK, even d graveyards r quite compact...unlike those usually found back those @ Nilai Memorial Park for instance. So...high density for d living n d dead...hhmm. This was taken while on d bus to UHK.

Luckily we managed to arrive in UHK with time to spare...we even managed to join d rest for lunch. But to reach there, we had to walk uphill most of d way from d bus stop since d campus is on a hilly terrain...bepoloh den... As we didn't get much foto op on d campus, so along d corridor with UHK written on d wall pun jadi laaa

n we r on d way to d Mainland...thru a series of tunnels of course...under d sea...within d mountain...etc etc

interestingly, we encountered some Bahasa Melayu while inside d tunnel...tidak Jawa hilang di dunia...huhu

we reached d CIQ in less than an hour. Here we just cleared of all d inspections... Immigrations...Customs...H1N1. My Sayang looking ceria as another stamp has been added into her passport...with Haslina n hubby, Izham, closely behind

not long afterwards, we r oredi in of d areas in China that has been quite freely open to 'outsiders'. From d look of it, d city is very modern n well planned...not like what we had earlier imagined

high-rises everywhere with wide n long heavily landscaped boulevards connecting various areas within d city

Shenzhen's Civic Centre...neat design huhh...n colorful summore

We were travelling on one of those wide hiways n next to it is a feeder road...with this bus going quite rapidly

our 1st stop in Shenzhen was its Municipal Planning planning dept with its own building...n totally separated from d other dept. No wonder d planning of its city is so 'fast n furious'...most likely due to d nature of its heavily 'centralised system' kott...with d planning being very detailed n of utmost important. Well...I may be wrong...

There's a lot of space within d Bureau allocated to exhibit d various models, proposals n projects...such as d above. We were also given a briefing by d officials n followed by a long Q&A session...with non-stop flow of chinese tea of course [hhmm...I am beginning to miss d regular Mamak's teh tarik]

d next agenda was dinner for all involved in this trip...looks like this restaurant are patronised by well-to-do folks

n d dinner was served...just don't ask me whats on d menu...lets just say we have to manoeuvre very gingerly indeed

as we were exiting d place after our dinner, we encountered this group of people who r waiting for available table. N while waiting, they engaged in a very productive activity...makan kuaci...hihi

after about another hour on d bus, we finally arrived in Guangzhou. We checked in into Holiday Inn City Centre Guangzhou in the city's commercial, shopping and entertainment district. This is d view of d street outside of our room..looked like a mixture of old n modern architecture

it was oredi late n most of d shops there were about to close for d day. Anyway, it can be observed that some of d traders practised wearing shirt as an optional item...panas sangat kott...tgh summer season la katakannn

due to d lack of d service of money changer due to d late hour, we just exchanged some @ d hotel, went down n ronda2...but in d end we bought nothing. D above was taken not far from our hotel...basically it is an old part of d city that has been converted as an commercial area n accessible for pedestrians only

...n yess...we simply have to have a foto op in our room in Holiday Inn City Centre Guangzhou as it is very spacious n well appointed. Unlike our room in HK...nak pakai ultra wide angle lens pun tak sure can fit in because d distance from one wall to another is simply too near...probably need to get d fish-eye lens... Compare to our room in HK, probably four of it can fit into this particular Holiday Inn room.

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...jengok d Orient jap...Day 4 : HK-Conference@UHK n The Peak

@ UHK - conference opening ceremony - Dr Chan in action
later...@ The Peak

D conference proper commenced today @ UHK's Rayson Huang Theatre. There were probably more than 100 participants, including those involved in poster presentation. UHK basically is a very compact Uni located on a be prepared for lots n lots of hill climbing if u want to visit it

here I am giving my presentation in d morning session. There a several parallel presentations n I was placed in d Rayson Huang Theatre itself.

then in d afternoon, it was my Sayang's turn pulak @ a different venue

after d conference, based on d advice of our new friend, Siti of d HK Polytech Uni, we headed to The Peak. To get up there, u can take a ride on d ala Bukit Bendera train... this one here. We thought that d crowd would be less since it was a week day but we were wrong. Looks like tourism is a very strong money-maker for HK

this is d bldg @ d top of The Peak housing d train station n various outlets for d visitors...with incredible view of HK skyline below

n since we have witnessed d HK light n laser show from Victoria Harbor, this time we observed it from d top pulak...

...n another foto op of course

Coming down later, we took d tram back to our hotel n while on d way, I noticed that this bldg @ d Y-junction was very not dissimilar to d design of Flatiron or Fuller bldg in NYC, once d tallest structure in d world. Ciplak kott...hhmm.

ok...that's it for today...need to pack tonite n we r heading into China mainland tomorrow...

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