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Sunday, 2-Aug-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...on d roads of Selangor...d southern part

among others we covered Putrajaya, Bangi, Sepang, Morib dll...
Dr Mohit hits d end of Pulau Ketam
on d Bund of Pulau Indah

Yet to recover from 2 nites of kenduri plus with some degree of selsema but today yours truly needs to take d studio's students to experience d southern part of Selangor. They've covered d top part yesterday n today was my turn to take them on d tour of d other half of d state...all these r part of their preparation of reviewing d state's structure plan

It is still early n here we r in downtown Kajang d satay town...

Bagan Lalang is another one of our pit stops...that is d 'ala' Dubai's Palm Jameira development of Sepang Gold Coast...still under construction. D students were amazed when they learned that this region is d biggest area for pig farming in SEA...n hence d many banks available in d small towns there [...n not a good idea to swim in its sea...hint...hint]

we passed by Banting too...but no time to stop for its cendul or nasi lemak sotong...hhmm

almost d end of d a group foto is called for...this is in Pulau Indah near d west Port of Klang. Of course...this is not d whole group...some of them too busy doing their own things...

BTW...later we darted off to S2 as a small celebration was held for Abah's birthday [officially Abah turned 69 today...but back in those days 'late registration' was d in thing]. Happy b'day Abah...semoga Abah dilindungiNya, dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezki n sihat sentiasa, insyaAllah...

Saturday, 1-Aug-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...d big day 2...Suraya n Chip's reception


After d majlis pernikahan for Suraya n Chip last nite, d merriment continues with d reception which was held at Dewan SUK of Shah Alam. Enjoy d fotos n yesterday's caution applies still [regarding d speed of downloading]...

Badek n BgAnis probably have yet to recover from yesterday's kepenatan...but d show must go on. Here we r in d dewan during d afternoon looking over d preparation of tonite's event...

...n including going over d playback from yesterday's majlis...fine tuning it here n there

d pelamin...turned out that even d whole set-up has a Batu Laut connection to it

n it is time...for d reception. Guests flowing into d hall...which table to sent them to...where to place d many presents, etc. etc. N of course...d above r among d 3 most important guests for d nite

D following r images depicting d many many people entrusted to ensure that d majlis sails smoothly...especially in receiving d guests

speaking of come d nite's guests of honours...Dato' K n Dato' CT

n then d arrival of d raja sehari...Suraya n Chip along with their pengapits

their entance into d main hall was led by d lone violinist [terforgot pulak d name of d song...sori]

here they r looking very radiant indeed from all d attention paid by d guests. D groom was thinking...probably best for me to look left 1st...

...n shift my attention to d right I look cool or what...hihi...

after d pengantin have securely been seated on d pelamin...d doa pun was recited...for d happy couple as well as everyone

this is part of d line-up for d merenjis ceremony...accompanied by d boys behind them

among d first to merenjis off were d groom's parents...

...n Suraya's parents lepas tu pulak...Badek 1st...

...Bg Anis took his turn afterwards

after all d merenjis protocol was over n done is time for d newlyweds to move to d high table n proceed with...makan time...

...n here they r...seating serenely at d high table after greeting d many guests along d way

d raja sehari were of course sat next to d guests of need for me to introduce rite!!

Mak n Ucu were placed on d high table too

it was makan time for all d petugas-petugas too...

wondering what were they gossipping about...

Nabil probably tergigit cili kott...thats why his mata jadi terkedu

n oohh...foto this cute couple pun ada gak yea...

after melapik their tummies, d pengantin were back to d staging area...

...for d cake cutting ceremony

n this pose is called...jangan tak pandang belakang

later d host n hostess gave a speech to thank everyone...basically d speech was delivered by Bg Anis...Badek just sengih kat sebelah jee

a suprise that nite for d many unknown guests was that CT performed 3 songs for d majlis. So, d following images r for her fans...

looking at d above 3 fotos u wouldn't imagine that many of d guests were very close to d stage...sort of an impromtu mini konsert pulak

there were other 'celebs' as well...such as d event MCs from KLFM, Manan Selamat n Mimie

n as per usual SOP [standard operating procedure laa], d nite ended with foto session with d pengantin

n not to be left out...we also managed to selitkan ourselves into d foto op...kenang-kenangan kann.

so wait for next round of kenduri pulak...this time in Chip's court Kuantan, insyaAllah

Friday, 31-Jul-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...d big day 1...Suraya's akad nikah

Suraya...waiting for...
...Chip to arrive...
alhamdullillah...all done...n doa being recited
After quite a long duration of preparation n making sure everything is taken into consideration...d big day is finally here...Suraya's day for akad nikah. So...just have a look at d many images below...

caution: tonnes of images here...may need quite a while to upload esp if ur set up is d merangkak type

d proud parents...lull b4 d storm

my Sayang pun not kurang gak busying herself with d preparation...1st niece to get hitch la katakannn

3 kambings getting ready for tonite's merriment

n it started...d family members filling up their storage 1st...b4 entertaining d guests

...d bride's mum n lil' sister...shiny shiny one uuu...

while d presents kept coming in...

n here r d choco boyz...they r too shy that they moved everywhere in a group...hhmm

readying themselves to sambut d pengantin lelaki

n here he is...Chip...with his 2 sisters in tow...

...making way into d event...with all d hantarans closely behind

Bg Anis greeting n receiving d tetamu nan jauh

n Chip is readying himself

while Suraya observing attentively nearby

...a penny for your thought...

d akad nikah was handled by B Anis himself n witnessed by many

...looked like Chip has done his homework well...went thru in one go only...congrats Chip

...n Suraya was clearly relieved...n syukran to Him. Being very nearby, I think probably I was d 1st to congrat her on her newly acquired status of an 'isteri'

d tok imam giving some advice after d akad was Suraya n well as for d rest of us

d family members tumpang happy too...especially d bride's mama n nenek


here is d mas kawin

d upacara membatalkan wudu'. Chip had tried to do this earlier...but...ooppss...Chip's mum said...stoooppedd...go perform your solat sunat 1st...Chip obliged of course...terforgot d heat of d moment

next is cincin time

n followed by gelang pulak [sori la ada xtra hairy hand in this way to avoid this abang video]

n Suraya's mama, aunties n other sedara mara were happy with d on-goings

next was d presentation of d duit maskawin...

...along with a peck on d dahi

fuhh...baru dahi n oredi he is sweating...hihi

no sweat laa...ok ok...moh kite posing lentuk pulak

a congratulatory squeeze from lil' sister

foto op with friends...

...n other sedara mara

n d foto op continues outdoor

d bride n her Atuk sedara

then d event moved indoor again...for majlis berinai...started off by si suami...

...Chip's parents

...Bg Anis n Badek

...nenek's turn pulak

followed by another round of foto op for d many family members...action 1...

...action 2...

...jez d happy couple

...with d rest of d family n relatives

...among Suraya's siblings

...n also just among d flower girls

there's also foto op for a couple of pengantin yg tak berapa baru...

d flower girls...again

pulut kuning time pulak...

baling flower bouquet time...

aahh...tiring n humid open what presents we got so far.

To Suraya n Chip...semoga berbahagia sehingga ke akhir hayat, dimurahkan rezki n dipanjangkan umur, insyaAllah...

Saturday, 18-Jul-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...jenguk south jap...Kulai n Muar

Kulai...checking on Along n her new baby
Abah n d 'cicit' we r @ Baha/Awin's palatial home
While we were away on d east coast last weekend, this time around saw us down south. We were joined by Mak, Abah n Ina for this trip. Our 1st stop was Kulai to visit Along Adawiah n her new born daughter...recuperating at her in-law's place there. N our next stop was Baha/Awin's place near Muar...

posing in Kulai...dengan orang baru...d baby that is. Along looked sihat2 je, alhamdullillah

n here she is...another Nurul in da haus...ada macam rupa Along tak??

later in d afternoon we make a move to Muar...n here we r 'inspecting' one of Baha's many kebun serai. This particular plot is 'only' 3-acre small...

n while there, we were also entertained by Baha with his air kelapa muda...yummmyyy. I look a wee bit slim or what....hihi

n another important stop for d it is...d baja cacing place. This fertilizer is used for Baha's serai...n thats why they r all gemuk2 belaka!!

n of course d visit would not be complete if we didn't stop savour d mee bandung n some serving of asam pedas. BTW...this place only opens from 9pm if u r there earlier, u may think that it is not open for business...

Sunday, 12-Jul-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...a weekend on d move...n circle of friends too 1st time there
Tg. Jara...still well taken care of
today...makan2 pulak...Concord Shah Alam

I think yesterday was quite a historic moment as I don't think that I have ever driven this long locally in one day. We went on a return trip to Dungun in Ganu...n it was a day trip...huhu. Basically we travelled there to send Ashraf to his UiTM campus...n to drop Fahim in Shahputra on d way back home.

I must say that d location of this campus is extremely nice...facing d South China Sea. U can see d tree-lined beach on d right n with no built-up development what so ever...

While in Dungun, we went to have a look at d many beaches. This is @ Teluk Bidara...not to be confused with Melaka's Tanjung Bidara. U can observe d rain cloud moving in from d sea. T kids must be from d local area...interestingly while running past us they were singing...n on close scrutiny it turned that they were 'berselawat'...respECT!!

We also stopped by at d Aga Khan award-winner Tanjung Jara Beach Resort. We stayed there once a looonngg time d time only Fahim n Awateef were around. It is a really nice...n from d look of it it has expanded further n still well-maintained

Our next stop was Kuantan's Indera Mahkota...n this is Fahim temp abode while in Shahputra. Hopefully Fahim can pull this thru...n make all of us proud, insyaAllah.

Me n my Sayang reached home late at nite n all in all yesterday we have travelled for 875 km...from Shah Alam to Dungun, then to Kuantan n back to Shah Alam. Alhamdullillah nothing untoward happen while on d road [harap2 no speeding tiket as well...ehem ehem]

BTW...while driving back to Shah Alam, received a call for a gathering on Sunday...turned out that it is for d xNotts. Initially we had planned to travel south to Kulai on Sunday to ziarah Along Adawiah n her new born daughter...but we postpone it in order to 'recuperate' from our Dungun/Kuantan trip.

So we r @ Concord Shah Alam...spending time with friends...courtesy of Baha n Awin...n d group talked about d possibility of engaging in some sort of business venture...wahhh. In d above, doa selamat being recited

d turn out was d ladies posed for a foto op...b4 dispersing on our separate ways. Sori for d 'blurry' images as I didn't bring any camera to d d hanfon came to d rescue. See u xNotts guys again...insyaAllah

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