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Sunday, 5-Jul-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...sea side again...Cherating...Kaed's IEEP

Impiana...our base for 3 days
community service...
pakcik here...makcik d other side...nice signage ehh!

Looks like at this time of d year we r likely to be found in one sea locale or another. For instance, over this weekend we put up ourselves in Impiana Cherating for Kaed's annual IEEP programme [last year we were in Lanjut of Rompin]. We drove over last Friday n spent 2 nites there. Overall, it was another great outing together with other family members of Kaed's staff.

here we r again...enjoying ourselves by d beach n appreciating what He has provided for us all, alhamdullillah. D 1st day started with programme briefing n presentation by IOK [islamisation of knowledge] workshop groups

d 2nd day started early with qiam n followed by a light work out on d beach

later we had a gotong royong along with d local up d kubur area of Kg Cherating...d reception by d locals was fabulous

every nite there was this gendang group entertaining us...with a unique staging area @ d edge of d pond

then it was dinner time n award presentation ceremony...we shared our table with Prof Ismawi n Kak Sakinah

d 3rd day n we started off d day with another round of light work out...but with less participants this time around

afterward d game got on d way...Luqman n company seemed to be enjoying themselves tremendously...

...especially when...

...there r many prizes to go around for all of d kids

we also took d opportunity to escape to Ganu jap...b4 checking out of Impiana

prior to hitting d road to Klang Valley, we took our lunch in Impiana. Food-wise it was quite good n tasty...but probably lacking in variety

It was still early when we reached made a detour to Jln TAR...n headed to Insaf for some nasi briani...happy hour indeed

Wednesday, 1-Jul-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...get well soon...Bg Azmi

A day after arriving from Langkawi we were informed that Bg Azmi has some complications n he was in great pain. Went to visit him @ his home on Sunday n was told that he had undergone a treatment to both of his knees in Alor Star few days back...n suddenly things r not as they should be. He was later admitted to Shah Alam's Salam Medical Centre last Monday. Things turned worst n since d place did not have d necessary personnel, he was transferred to KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital. It was quite an experience to see him in ICU...hopefully he'll pull thru n be his normal cheerful self soon, insyaAllah.

Luqman trying out d wheelchair @ Salam Medical Centre.

ICU @ d former Selangor Medical Centre but now known as KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital. Let all of us make doa for Bg Azmi to recover d soonest possible

Saturday, 27-Jun-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...MahsuriLand/Langkawi...Day 4

Pantai Chenang...not many on d beach yet
so now we know about tourmaline
later...time to go...thnx Langkawi

It is our last day in MahsuriLand and we checked out after d programme had finished in d afternoon. So...gudbye n thanx to Awana for being our base while on d island. Interestingly, I found out later on that there r 2 islands south west of Awana that have 'interesting' name...they r called Pulau Kentut Besar n Pulau Kentut Kecil...hihi. If u r from that island, it may be a bit [a bit je laa] embarrassing if people asked u where u r from. U can look these islands up in any online map...but may be not in d regular touristy map.

It was quite mendung n here we r in Pantai Chenang...just to see whats available there. There r more resorts lining up d beach now, but this part of d strip was quite deserted when we were there

made a short stop also at Laman Padi...had never been there in our previous visits [just passing by]. May be in d next visit we can explore it in more thoroughly

while waiting for our flight in d afternoon, we planned to visit d north n western part of d island. Came across this 'kiss d roadside' Toyota Vios. Entah2 it is also a rental unit...if true, then kesian gak with d owner who'll need to do some repair works. But this road leading to Pantai Kok is very twisty indeed

singgah @ Pantai Pasir Hitam jap...turned out that d blackness is due to tourmaline...yes..d same name as d road in front of our abode...Jalan Turmalin. Here my Sayang was busy looking thru some dried seafood @ one of d outlets

our next stop was Tanjung Rhu...n it s famous limestone outcrop formation not far from d beach. I later noticed that it is just on d opposite side of Kilim that I had visited earlier. Here we r enjoying our late lunch. If u r ever there n lapar...try d 1st outlet next to d beach...d dishes were not bad at all

u can also observe non-seafood items being dried here...such as d above group of homo sapien

on d way to d airport, we made a detour to Makam Mahsuri...didn't realise that it is now a Kota oredi...very commercialised...hhmm. N they r building another auditorium next to this site...a money-making machine indeed...while it lasts...

so here we r...ready for our flight to LCCT. May be we'll come n visit again later...n hopefully not too much rapid a development is going to take place here...

BTW...we learned of d death of MJ while in Langkawi...on d 25th to be exact. During our undergrad years in d States, MJ's popularity could probably be contributed not only to his music...but d music videos as well. At that time MTV was a new medium n MJ took advantage to use it to d max. Anyway, it wasn't too bad as much later he brought into attention d issue of d environment n whats not in his repertoire of songs. N there's also d rumour that he may have converted to Islam...wallahualam

Friday, 26-Jun-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...MahsuriLand/Langkawi...Day 3

...sunrise pose d steepest cable car climb in d world
later in P Chenang...yg ni cantik takk

d morning started with another sunrise snapping...but this time d scenery was not so dramatic probably due to d heavy showers last a bit gloomy la

d 1st speaker of d 2nd day of d session was none other than Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye. Have never heard him speaking live previously, just whats available on TV, etc. He talked on Safe City concept n touched on d many ideas usually covered in our classes on housing and community development

later on we headed to Gunung Mat Chincang n d cable car service. When we were here last, it was still under construction. But today we managed to experience it ourselves. D Top Station [above] is more than 700m above sea level. N BTW, ticket for locals is 50% discount with IC/MyKad...RM15 per pax.

n here we r posing on d Curve Hanging Bridge. Going to d bridge from d Top Station was quite easy but going back is a bit tougher...sebab kena climbing up d many steps...fuhh...ponat den

d Curve Hanging Bridge...neat design d background u can see d Andaman sea while d that island there is part of Thailand me think

d Base Station for d cable car is situated here within d Oriental Village. Many shops can be found here n d prices suprisingly r not that too far off those fact some r cheaper...

u can also feed d deers if that tickle your fancy...d deer food goes for RM1 je...

...or u may want to wrap around a phyton...u can pose with with d slimy thingy for a small token

there s also an info centre here...come to think of it...I kinda like d design of d Langkawi Geopark logo...nice graphic n colors

but I just dont paham why this type of souvenirs were sold there...I think this belongs to d various tribes in China or there about

leaving Oriental Village...we stopped by d Telaga Harbour Park...probably one of d latest marinas in MahsuriLand. D various yatches found there r very pricey indeed

this could aptly be called 'd have n d have not'...we have million ringgit pleasure boats in d other side n d simple working men fishing vessels on this part of d harbour...with d rusty zinc roof structure as its club haus

d lighthouse [up close it looks like it is not in good working order] served as d landmark for d harbour entrance

n BTW...this has been our ride while on d it at a 'staff rate' of RM40/day. Interested?...just call En Salam @ 0175251235. D going rate for Kancil is ranging from RM50/day at d many other 'offerers' at d airport n d jetty

our next stop was Padang Mat Sirat for lunch n followed by visit to d Beras Terbakar place

it was hot n humid n what a better way to cool this particular spot...near to d top of d Langkawi Airport runaway with d cool sea breeze providing a natural 'air cond' while we were washing down air kelapa n cendol

n after a brief rest @ Awana...we went out Kuah for some chocolates n Vision [u know this thingy right?]. On d way back we made a pit stop @ Pantai Chenang...seems like this is turning into another Ferringhi touristy strip...n busier over d weekend. Came across many Asian tourists from UK...particularly one young couple who thought that we were in Nottingham Trent U...instead of U of Nottingham...hhmm.

Thursday, 25-Jun-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...MahsuriLand/Langkawi...Day 2

...d Awana tower sunrise
JPBD's DG opening remarks
hihi...posing @ Kilim Geoforest Park

...had a after-Subh walk-about around d Awana area...basically just along d boardwalk n trying to catch d 1st ray from d sun...awesome sight ehh

while lingering around out n about, saw this cruise ship slipping smoothly towards d Awana Star Cruise Jetty. Shortly afterward, a Kem. Kesihatan van full with its staff was seen zooming to d jetty...probably a precautionary H1N1 measure. N someone told me later that d taxi fare in Langkawi normally shoot up a bit whenever there's a cruise ship in town...

n later...d meeting was in session...I didn't know beforehand that I'm suppose to be one of d 4 panelists on stage...I thought I just present from d floor...hhmm. So that's why u get d above foto...a room full of town/urban/city planners taken from on stage

in d afternoon, a complusory 'technical visit' was scheduled...a visit to Kilim Geoforest Park. I've seen numerous fotos of it in d its about time for me to have a look personally

d boating trip started off in d jetty of Kilim river n onwards to d sea. A boat takes 6 passengers only n with about 80 of us, u can just imagine d number of boats required. In d open water, these boats travelled very fast...sometimes I felt as if I am part of d interceptor force off d coast of pirate-infested Somalia...hihi

one of d highlights of d trip was to see feeding of d many eagles in Langkawi [their favorite is chicken skin]...but no fotos for this due to d inadequate zoom power. D above is d only floating restaurant there...called Holed in d Wall...we had tea n there was a fish show as well

I thought that after a tiring trip, d delegates would very much like to go back to d hotel...fat chance!! Most of them screamed for a shopping detour to Kuah. While there, I dropped in d Bayview hotel n used its 'aircond' surau. This is d view of Kuah from d hotel. U may noticed upgrading of d covered pedestrian walkway...such as next to Maybank...basically places from d husbands to wait while their significant others busily nyopping. Take note also of d huge abandoned building on d left...n there r many of those to be found in Langkawi...signs of time perhaps.

after a breather or two back in Awana, went back to Kuah again...this time with my Sayang. N no trip to Langkawi would be complete if u didn't tapau some of d 'cheaper that KL price' chocolates n we bagged a few to test d taste 1st...may be bag more later if d taste is oki doki.

on d way back to our base, passed by this another landmark of MahsuriLand...hopefully it is still well-maintained inside n out...especially d sea creatures. Or else d tourists may just stop coming...

okay...enough for tonite...but don't fret...d nyopping session will resume as usual d following day... my Sayang above carrying back to d Awana lobby d catch of d day...from d various outlets in Kuah...til tomorrow then...

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