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Wednesday, 24-Jun-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...MahsuriLand/Langkawi...Day 1 we go
...Kuah's sunset
d new Jeti Pelancong...few tenants only

Took a flight to Langkawi today as one of d participants of 23rd JPBD Senior Officer Meeting. My Sayang joined me for this trip n it has been quite some time since we were there 2002 to be exact. There must have been a lot of changes in have a look. we r in d descending Air Asia flight...overlooking a few of d 99 islands that make up Langkawi.

on d tarmac safely n without any glitch, alhamdullillah. D flight was quite full...n d dude on d left is one of d tourists from d UK me think...n when they [...4 of them] were talking d 'f' word flowed seamlessly n effortlessly

after checking into Awana...we drove our rental unit to Kuah...just to observe what's available. This is near Royal Langkawi Yatch Club...trying to catch d sunset scenery

after dinner at d new Jeti Pelancungan next to Masjid Al Hana, we stopped by @ Kuah's Pasar Malam...lots of tourists there...including those from d Middle East

not much shopping Sayang just ended up with some local fruits to keep her company while yours truly attending d meeting starting early tomorrow morning

Saturday, 20-Jun-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...mangan kueyo und daddies cool

uji makan...n d deposit changed hands
...later...sambung makan in Kg Gajah
...d daddies...tonyum2 n kempiskan perut masing2

With d impending kenduri for Suraya, we were 'forced [...yea la tuhh]' to attend a food tasting session of d caterer selected for d event. D session took place at Temasya Food Court in d Glenmary area. Not only r we expected to comment on d food...but we must also decide on d color of d table cloth...n what fashion should d napkin be folded. For d napkin...options included Burj Dubai, landed UFO, something that looks like Panggung Budaya n lastly an open-wing merak. If u must know...d last alternative was d chosen one

N of food tasting session would be completed without a foto session.

D eating merriment continued later in d afternoon...this time to celebrate Fathers Day. So here we r again stuffing ourselves silly [for some laa...] with more food @ Bg Azmi/BgG's place. It is a pot luck d variety of available dishes r simple staggering.

n here is d 'official cake' for d day...very rich n hi in calorie for sure.

to make d day more meaningful, doa was recited...not only for d daddies...but for all d family n d ummah as well...selamat for all, insyaAllah

n speaking of present for Fathers Day, d above sample would be just nice...not that shabby ehh! Saw this sample earlier today while in d Glenmary area...very ganaz one!

Friday, 19-Jun-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark spying...schooling...n industrialising

Fri...JPBD S'ngor + pasta cabonara + salad...bellisimmo!!

Last Saturday we went to have a look see look see @ this nearly completed bungalow. Quite interesting elements [not all though] being applied here...including folding wall/door n a nicely-sized pool. But d groove lines n color chosen may be overcooked a bit. Z'nora, Ajak n their baby joined us for this foray...hhmm...ngapa yeaa d teacher session...went there on my own [ksian diaa...] as my Sayang has prior engagement. As usual...d teacher said that Luqman like to play around in d class...same old same old

Today...visited 3 students undergoing industrial training...n later, jengok MidV jap for late lunch/early tea n pembelian tingkap [window shopping laaa...]

Saturday, 13-Jun-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...kuang...kuang...kuang...comedic sound effect!?

last nite...MyBenz TT in offer on DuraEdge wiper
my Sayang with Azid n wife
if u want 2 dirikan masjid, u can get your kubah here

It has been a while since we last visited Kuang, a community located along d Kepong-Kuala Selangor route. Used to come there for raya while in d primary school as I have friends n teacher staying there. Nowadays of course more people can be found there but I think d Minangs r still d core of the community. Got an jemputan khawin today from Azid, a colleague of my Sayang. It was for his x employee of Sapura who will now be joining her husband in Bintulu's Petronas. Semoga murah rezki n dipanjangkan jodoh insyaAllah.

We nearly joined this other kenduri in Kuang if not for d availability of d invitation card to tell us that our kenduri is further up. But this pengantin is interesting as well. It looks like he n his entourage have just disembarked from a bus. N his color matched d bus stop as well...

Azid's place...situated on a former rubber estate. He spent about RM700k n almost 5 years to complete for d haus. Actually it is a 2-in-1 dwelling unit. We were informed that it is actually a brick haus with d timber elements added on.

d pengantin n d ticklish flower girls...

...a slightly more 'serious' pose from d group...slightly serious is subjective of course

close up of d happy couple...both of them r Kelantanese...tok se nikah ore lua dehh [please correct d kelantanese grammar if needed]

Tuesday, 9-Jun-2009 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...testing n commissioning subjects...we got Gambang[ed]

d boys looking at d brochure of what could have been...
our pilot of d tour [school] bus...nasib baik Merc
in Tlk Cempedak

We've been shifted our base to Gambang near Kuantan since Sunday [07/06/09] as we were interested to experience d newly opened Bukit Gambang Water Park [BGWP]. After looking at its website [screen captured above], we parted away with almost RM700 for a 3D2N stay there + 1 day admission to d water park package [with b'fast + dinner]...yeehaa!! Eyo, Nik n Najwa r joining us as basically 2 families r in for some fun together-gether laa...

but suprise...n more suprises. Upon arriving there, we noticed things r not as advertised above. In fact many of d things r yet to be ready. N get this...d water park itself is still inoperation. D staff there apologised profusely [many have been posted for this duty] n some with 'sincere' sadness in appearance. U can see above...reception n dining area on d right with living quarters [condo units] on d left...dahsat kann!! I was thinking...agaknye we r part of d 'testing n commissioning' package check out what needs to be rectified, repaired or readjusted...hhmm

This is about 500 metres from d condo units...d entrance to d water park u feel like swimming n surfing there. D guy above could probably be an off-duty life guard for all u know [wahh...sarcastic betull niii...]

n here is d official apology poster/notice posted by d management. Anyway...d BGWP staff convinced us that since we r oredi there, we might as well stay on...for free... yes that 'F' word again. Stay there 3D2N with full meals, guided bus tour to Kuantan, entertainment shows for d kids n other activities...all for free. N not to forget...a voucher for another 3D2N later for free when d place is in operation...jangan jealouuss yeaaa...

so, here we r on d bus tour to Kuantan...after d f.o.c lunch @ d dining area of d resort. This is Albert, our tour guide. He is also one of d contributing journalists to NST, specialising in recommending food of course he informed us where to get great meals in Kuantan.

This is our 1st observe batik-making demo...

n posing time for d gals in d batik shop area...

Later we went to Beserah to see d place to process ikan masin...this is d only place in M'sia where they use a bull to drag d catch of d day from d returning boats. But when we were there, d bull was nowhere to be found. May be it is lepak[ing] somewhere with a cow. N d ladies above r not part of d workforce there...they r part of our tour group

Next was Tlk Cempedak...Najwa dah boring of posing for d foto...making her parents to scratch their heads respectively [n on d same side too...]

our next stop is d dried seafood outlet [next to d used car lot]. Saw this 2 Caldinas...on a joint-family day Caldina n Wish Club Malaysia in Cherating

after dinner...n d show was on. U can see only d top floor is ready while d lower levels r still incomplete. N d moon was shining brightly though

part of d stuntmen [according to d MC]...don't really know whether they r from Hollywood, Bollywood or Greenwood. Ntah2 dari Balakong je.

Day 2...I was up n about early...n decided to join this jungle trekking posse. D guide was a recently retired millitary guy from Unit Gerak Khas of Sg Udang...a friendly fellow named Khairul

N since our water park is a dud...we decided to travel north to Awana Kijal. Zana/Shahrul n family were staying we just crashed there n let d kids have some water fun.

Atrium of Awana 1st time there. It was massive but looked slightly 'aged'.

With d kids in d pool, my Sayang n me decided to drive further north. N no...this is not d Batu Putih being disputed by S'pore n M'sia. Nor is it that near to Myanmmar's Rangoon

near Kerteh n stopped by this Mesra Mall...must be Petronas-linked. Design-wise it is quite nice. N only here u r likely to see people in overall wandering about in d mall...must be those working within d OnG industry on lunch break.

After collecting d kids, we headed back to Gambang. Stopped for some fried kepok lekor n parked shortly @ D'Monica Bay above near Kemaman

Day 3...I went for an early morning drive n dropped by a road side stall for some kueh n tea. This is Main Street of Gambang town

We checked out later n only Fahim joined us to visit Kolej Shahputra [KS] in Kuantan. N not to forget...we got d voucher for future BGWP stay for sure. D rest of d kids joined Eyo n headed back to Shah Alam. In d above, my Sayang n Fahim looking over d KS brochures...

It has been quite some time since I last visited IIUM Kuantan I took d opportunity to do so b4 heading back home. One thing I observed is that Gombak campus is more compact...n therefore more pedestrian-friendly.

We also stopped by for some nasi lemak @ Restoren Zaman as recommended by Albert d journalist-cum-tour guide. It was not bad at all...if u want to know, it is located across from d Kuantan airport on d old KL-Kuantan road.

going back n we decided to take d more interesting old route to KL...not on d East Coast Hiway. Here we r passing by Maran...we used to stop here b4 for lunch some time ago...for ikan patin of course. Just realised that it is now known as Bandar Ayam Kampung

oredi on Karak hiway...we reached home b4 magrib...alhamdullillah. Until another trip then...but to a place oredi in operation hopefully...n not to get Gambang[ed] again.

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