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Monday, 25-May-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...former office...thnx n good bye [soon]

d sign [n its neglect] says it all
mock up sample...for earlier phase of Gombak campus
this is Engineering...KICT will be across d road on d left

IIUM students n staff may have not paid much attention to these structures while passing by nearby. But they once played a major role in establishing d Gombak Campus. I was having b'fast @ Taqwa on d way to campus this morning n ran into JKR's Ucup d QS. He was telling me that my former Development office will be demolished soon. He suggested that I should take some fotos...just for 'nostalgic' sake...n thats what I did few hours later.

D above used to be my office when I was with d IIUM's Development Division overlooking d construction of d Gombak Campus. D place looked run down now with almost no maintenance. My office space was on d right on d top floor...many great memories here...

n this is d reason for d imminent demolition of d wooden structures...d new KICT building. It will be sited on this hill...n there used to be plenty of rubber trees here. Pity...that almost none of them were spared...what used to be green hill is simply no more

Sunday, 24-May-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...kenduri time summore

Kelana Jaya...hepp...angan aa acau aya nak mamam
later...Nazri layan d guests
much later...Houston...we have a problem*

yesterday...we received 2 xNotts families @ our place, Malik/Salwani n Azami/Nani. They were sending Faris n Aji for pre-Medic @ UiTM. Congrats guys...go ahead n b a great doctor. D above...Fahim just came back from minum2 with Faris n Aji at one of nearby mamaks. Fahim belanja them n his RM6 was just enough to cover 3 drinks.

Today...we had 3 invites for kenduri...but managed to cover 2 only. This is d kenduri of Pn Hasnah [formerly of IIUM's A&R but currently at Matric]...d wedding of her eldest son held in Kelana Jaya

D next one is near Puncak Alam...a doa selamat do as Dot/Nazri r leaving for umrah soon. This was taken towards d end of d kenduri...just hanging out n main2 with Iman

went for car wash later in d afternoon...n with d sun setting, trying out d still available sunlight to be reflected in d shiny just polished tire...huhu

* I was watching a footie game on d tube when suddenly sometin' fell onto d revolving fan. Turned out to be d decorative part of d plaster ceiling. Satu hal la pulak to cut it d middle of d nite n inavailability of sufficient tool...berpoloh den

Thursday, 21-May-2009 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...this n that

11.05.09 Mon - Chemi off to Dubai
13.05.09 Wed - accidental RM200 mee goreng -Fahim punye hal
14.05.09 Th - pre Morib retreat - mtg S'gor JPBD Director
just a selection of on-goings n there

07.05.09 Th - had tea along with Chemi @ Cucur of S7...service-wise...memang gone case if compared to Mamak's outlet

Tuesday 19.05.09 - here I am giving out quiz to my students. It is Sem III n I m teaching one subject...PURP II. So how did they perform...badly

Today - to n fro KL Cvntn Ctr using LRT as was off peak hours so u can seat wherever u want...really is a question of 'timing'

last week Man Utd became d champ of 08/09 Premier League n came across this wallpaper on d net...d designer must have did it painstakingly as he [or probably she...hmm] had managed to merge all d different players onto one image...every players in some sort of action

Thursday, 21-May-2009 15:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Serena Hijjas addressing d crowd
later...@ Galeri Petronas. This work is by LKY [see below]
...n looks like a 'gentleman's club' jee...@ Lake Gardens

Attended d launch of Green Building Index [GBI] today @ KL Convention Ctr...basically it is Malaysia's own version catering to local needs n environment. As of now it is done on voluntary basis while elsewhere it is oredi a requirement. Anyway, other quarters were saying that this is just another way for d professional consultants to gain more fees [inspection, certification, etc., etc.]...especially should d GBI turn into a requirement at a later date...wait n see je la. Interested? Go here then...

GBI...a rep from PAM explaining briefly what it is all about

I like this underpass linking KLConv Ctr n has its own well-paid 'graffiti' adorning its long wall

whenever in KLCC...why don't u try n pay this place a visit...always something interesting to see there [n yes...d entrance is free...that vital 'f' word].

Currently on display r d works of Liew Kung Yu [LKY] entitled 'Cadangan2 utk negaraku'.

received a call from Prof Alias while @ GBI launch...requesting my presence at Lake Gardens Club [members only tuhh] for lunch-cum-discussion on d Commonwealth thingy. Never been to this club b4...n just look at those who r allowed to park in front of d club...fuhh...powerrr. BTW, if u r interested, membership fee is RM15K only. It is quite an old club...n u can see many old-timers working there as well.

I used to come to d Lake Gardens a lot when I was 'little' with my parents or other sedara-mara...maklum that time KL didn't have that many formal garden. This used to be d place to be to lepak2 in d 70s...woww...nostalgia pulak...huhu

Sunday, 17-May-2009 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...retreating to Morib

busy as bees...Luqman was there too...gaming of course
...munching time
on d way home...nyinggah sini sat

D URP dept has shifted its base to Impian Morib since last Friday as d staff r reviewing d syllabus for d coming students intake. Most of d staff r there n d discussions were very thorough n most of d time 'thought provoking'...fuyyo...

In d end we managed to come up with d final product...probably it'll only need a bit of fine tuning later on. Thanx to all for their participation n contribution.

Friday...after ceqing-in into d hotel, these 'dudes' were enjoying Morib's mee kari n borak2 prior to d start of d program later

in between d many discussion sessions, we ronda2 a bit just to 'blow off some steam' or something similar to that. Here we were enjoying d sunset @ Pantai Morib Baru...

n at d end of d session...a foto session was on...but just not yet, this is testing testing only

n here comes d real deal...snapped by Luqman [using Kaed's old DSLR]. N oohh...En Din commented that I wore MU's top coz they won d Premiership last nite after drawing with Arsenal...ape2 je la En Din...hihi

after ceq-out, made a detour to MIL's place in Bt Laut jap. Stopped a moment next to this pengkalan...murky water here but it is blue all d way in d distance

ok...goodbye to Banting for now...til next time

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