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Sunday, 10-May-2009 15:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...weddings in May

last nite...Tun Dr M with d pengantin
jom kita try pose pandang sana pandang sini...
today...bapa tiri of d bride...karaoke-ing...n not bad too!!

Attended two wedding over d held lavishly in Putrajaya n d other one in S7. D invite for d Putrajaya wedding was handed to me by Zahrin [one of my students n it is her sister's wedding] quite some time ago. D hall where d kenduri took place is not that far from d PM's residence n it was our 1st time there.

Meanwhile, d other wedding is d daughter of our former next door neighbor, who upgraded to a corner lot in d other part of S7. Congrats to all n semoga bahagia sehingga akhir hayat, insyaAllah

last nite in Putrajaya...Tun Dr M n wife were d guest of honor for d wedding

d kedua mempelai...n wow...d setting was really 'glamourous'...for lack of a better word

n of course...d students who were there 'insisted' on foto-ing with us...hihi

n while exiting d kenduri, we ran into d newly-wed n another foto session ensued

n we r in d other side of S7...a very nice 'hot n humid' day for a kenduri

here r d bride n groom...along with their close friends I presumed...stylo-milo!!

Sunday, 10-May-2009 13:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...Mothers Day 09

yes...this is another mama...named Garfield
pesty-pesty...looking for queen mother of d termites

d world celebrated another 'commercially-induced' Mothers day today...hhmm. We should celebrated it everyday...don't u think so? But anyway, as d kids' friends were all busy buying 'gifts' for their respective ours were not spared as well.

BTW, we called for a a pest control tackle d problem of anai2 at our place...n if possible to rid off its queen mother...or is that applicable more to d bees...ntah la...dah lupa my sciences dah

these r d gifts from Luqman, Farhah n Awateef to my Sayang

this is one of mama Garfield's latest kitten...cute ehh!!

Sunday, 3-May-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...Frasers Hill II

Yesterday morning...view from Silverpark
n this morning...this is @ Pine Resort
n of r everywhere...this is near d masjid

One thing about Frasers Hill is that there r not that many people [including d tourists] around, d traffic is light while d area is quite compact...a perfect venue if u just want to walk about. N that is what we did in d early mornings while we were there. There r also various jungle trails available but we didn't manage to try any. In addition to d unit @ Pine Resort, we also rented out an apartment in Silverpark since our group is quite big. We spent d 1st nite there n followed by d Pine Resort d next nite. But d later looks more presentable n better maintained...but for d view offered...Silverpark wins laa.

yesterday morning...after a walk about to burn some calories...stopped by here to top up with Nasi Lemak Frasers Hill...n of course la more calories added than those burned earlier. This place [located next to a masjid] was actually recommended by one of d police officers that I talked to when initially arrived on Friday.

snapped some bunga fotos while walking about n here is a sample. Reminded us of our yellow rose [or is it white?] in front of our house while in Nottingham

We also jenguk this water fall area sekejap. U need to walk up n down a trail for about 15 - 20 minutes in order to reach here. D kids berendam jugak la but I just wet my kaki je

morning today...we spent a nite @ Pine n here we were getting ready for another walking session. Quite a nice sunrise in d background.

for this walk about, Farhah joined us...we walked all d way to d masjid for breakfast n then turned back n stopped by at Silverpark.

Lots of giant 'paku pakis' species here...including this one

This is d Selangor side of Frasers Hill...but less 'glamorous' kott. I spent a nite here in 1980 when I accompanied Bang Cik n his Majlis Daerah Gombak football team back then. They were playing Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor at that time.

this signage is from d year 1957...n if you want to know how d old spelling looks it is. U can notice d 'sengkang' n d number '2' being used.

getting ready to leave...another foto op. Some of d group have left since yesterday

on d way down...took a closer look at SPLASH. This is next to its info was still closed but at least we can get closer to d dam

n a group foto session next to SPLASH. Nice view ehh!

Friday, 1-May-2009 22:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...Frasers Hill I

@ d Gap...arrived just in time to go up
along d way, came across this Tour de France wannabe... centre...n d famous clock tower

It is a 3-day weekend with today being d Labor Day holiday. In d morning we were in KLIA as Chemi is returning for a short break. N afterward, we were Frasers Hill bound...n this has been planned few weeks ago...utilising Bank Negara's facility. We were here last in d early 1990s...n d hiway going up has been improved tremendously...especially near d Sungai Selangor Dam [d dam is managed by SPLASH or Syarikat Pengeluar Air Sungai Selangor Sdn Bhd]...really a nice place to drive with breathtaking views along d way...similar to d Ulu Yam route but much wider. we r @ SPLASH...few kms after Kuala Kubu Baru. Initially we were waiting for Mak n Abah who traveled with Ina n Chemi...but since they stopped in KKB, we proceeded on our own later.

There was an info centre for d dam but it was closed n we decided to spend few minutes at this clearing. D view was nice n reminded us of our 2006 drive to Llanberis of Snowdonia in North Wales.

alhamdullillah...sampai gak to Frasers Hill...this is d town centre...not that dissimilar to a quaint little village in d UK

Came across this Exora while is part of d Proton R&D team. D team has been going up n down Genting Hiland, Bukit Tinggi n Frasers Hill n back to Shah Alam for the past 3 weeks...on daily basis! Just to test its braking capability.

this is after everyone has arrived later @ Pine Resort [4 cars altogether]...foto op among d clouds

as u can see...d cloud in d background is at our level...n it was quite cool too...a good escape from d hot n humid Klang Valley

this particular condo unit comes with 3 bedrooms n 2 toilets...courtesy of BNM of course. Looks like we r waiting for dinner to be served...hihi

n we celebrated pre-Mothers day...for all d mamas

Thursday, 30-Apr-2009 19:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...FSPU, Morib n HomeDec

last week...recce-ing @ Morib...nice pool ehh!
earlier today...HomeDec
didn't look very 'designer' to me...ntah la...

Tuesday last week [21.04.09] n I was involved in a meeting of all planning schools of Malaysia. D meeting was held @ UiTM, d current chairman...n based on d agreement of all members, IIUM takes over d chairmanship next...hhmm...more workload for us it seems.

Right after d above meeting, off I went to Morib to recce Impian Hotel there which offered a very competitive rate for our proposed 'retreat' - basically to review d B.URP curriculum. D facilities on offer r very acceptable while d seaside location is a bonus [...though d beach is nothing to shout about]. Turned out that many departments of IIUM have been holding their events there...n in fact one of them was having a programme while I was 'inspecting' d place

N today...checked out d HomeDec exhibition in KL Convention Centre in d afternoon. Went there by no hassle to find parking. Colorful set-up hahh...

Coming back on d LRT...saw d various bungalows on Cemerlang Height n decided to check some of them out...including d above. This particular unit doesn't mind d no. 13 [in fact it 'largely' embraced it] as some others may have changed it to 11A or something like that...n was wondering what that SR stands for...may be 'senior' kott

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