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Sunday, 19-Apr-2009 23:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...jenguk north jap - cycling, fishing n borak-ing

abg polis on a Ducati...own bike kott
d fishing twin of Sg Air Tawar
here we r in Sg Belukang
Subsequent to Opah's place break in recently, today we [Abah, Mak, Wan n me] headed to Sg Belukang. We ran into obstacle while in Kuala Selangor...turned out that Jelajah Malaysia 09 bike race was running its course there...with d whole stretch to Teluk Intan closed for d event...fuhh...sabo je la aku.

Anyway, we stopped by @ Sg. Air Tawar near Sabak Bernam to see Atuk's coconut orchard there...n by doing so we wont be stuck behind d bike race no more. Arrived @ Sg Belukang at about 1pm n moved out at about 4.30 with Wan staying behind. Received a fon call somewhere near Kuala was xNotts Elyas...he is at Fifi/Nasiroh's place...n of course we joined them there later.

Stuck in Kuala Selangor...d racers were just flagged off...n d only one 'managed' to look @ my camera was this dude from Malaysia [based on his yellow baju laa]...d rest were all concentrating on d race.

This is Kim's place @ Sg Air Tawar...he is managing d coconut orchards there...including Atuk's. While sembang2, Kim thought that d Merc is valued @ more than RM200K...may be I should have sold it to him...hihi

Arriving at Sg Belukang...looks like it is true that a house that has been left vacant can lose its 'seri'. This house has seen its share of happiness before...especially during raya times

Much Sayang with Adi. Here we were leaving Fifi/Nasiroh's place as it was school gotta go home early. Has it been Saturday, we might have stayed longer n borak2 some more

Saturday, 18-Apr-2009 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark checking

1st stop...this Kelab Golf
next...D'Puncak of Bkt Jelutong
wahh...meriah la this interior work...we like
It has been a while now since d last entry as it was all due to d break down of my trusty well as yours truly down with some sort of medical issue [with body temperature of 102...fahrenheit people, not celcius...n 1 day MC]. But life must go on n today we saw 2 property launches. Being entrusted to handle 'Comparative Housing Studies' every semester 1, I have to update myself with d latest in d market...neat excuse hahh. N d makan2 on offer during d launch is just d icing di atas kek...hhmm

An open haus for Asente SemiD @ Kelab Golf SAAS in Shah Alam was our 1st stop over for d day. Essentially it is a 3-storey unit costing from RM1.4m...after a saving of RM300K courtesy of the real estate company. Wahh...all these houses nowadays r very highly priced. N d actual cost to construct this would probably be in d range of RM500 - RM700K...or may be even less since they r 'mass-produced'. BTW...nice Wald E-Class there...belonging to one of d real estate agents I guess

Then we were off to Hi-Tea @ D'Puncak. On offer r bungalow lots n SemiD. D semiD above has d selling price of more than no need to ask la how much d bungalows would be. D roof design looks a bit complicated but lightweight...nice concept n interior...but color-wise it is not my cup of tea [d tarik version pls]

Friday, 10-Apr-2009 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...645Ci n d table is round

last nite...dinner @ parents' place after tahlil @ surau S2
n today, solat Jumaat @ KLCC bcoz...
...joined MIP's Young Planners O-table Discussion @ Corus

My Wan [one of my aunties] has been living alone since my Opah n Anjang passed away. Last week a couple of men broke into d house in d wee hours of d morning, tied her n then relieved all of d jewelery from her. Just thinking of d trauma she'd gone thru n what some people r capable of doing r simply mind boggling. Those masked men even bragged that they came to M'sia not only to work...but to delve into crime as well.

On a lighter note...yesterday n today have been quite eventful...with happenings on as well as off campus...

Would u like to see this somewhere on campus? Well...was having a discussion @ CBE yesterday n saw this model. Must be one of d proposals for d new signage system for our campus. If this is's gonna be one of d must stop places for posing purposes...just like d dummy on d left

N yesterday was passing thru S8 n saw this newly acquired Bimmer @ Bang Anis/Badek's place. It is a 2006 645Ci model...n is for sale if any of u r interested. D selling price u ask...around RM395k only...a bargain whaaatt. Let me know if u [or your rakan taulan, etc.] r berminat with this coupe...boleh kowtimm one lorr

N today I was here...somewhere along Jln Ampang. This is a nice street to cruise thru as d trees r matured n shady too...provided not much traffic around. Just realised d 'ZZZ' pattern on d sidewalk from this height...patut la KLites always ngantuk je. It is also for d 1st time that I noticed of Pelita restaurant nearby...n sempat pkena rojak sat...but it was not that great. While eating away...suddenly ter-remember pulak of d 2 deaths coz by consumption of rojak in S'pore 2 days back...suspen gak ekk.

BTW, I m here to attend Malaysian Institute of Planners' Young Planners Round Table discussion @ Corus Hotel [formerly Ming Court]. Many of our students participated along with those from other IPTAs...hopefully it is a great exposure for them. Basically d discussion revolved around what additional skills/know how would d young planners need n how MIP can assist. But sedih gak listening to some of d practitioners who confided that projects nowadays r quite rare while d payment is slow. Moga2 situation'll get better soon n more rezki for all, insyaAllah.

Got back home via LRT to UM n it is also my 1st time to use Avenue K to get to d stesen below. It was rush hour of course...but...surprise...surprise...people r actually queuing up to get tickets n later when getting into d coach. Or is it because of d presence of RapidKL officers there to monitor d situation kott

Wednesday, 8-Apr-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...exam-ining this n that Bangi

Bangi Kopitiam @ W Maju for lunch yesterday
Equatorial Bangi this morning...left early to avoid traffic
then...making my rounds @ Gallery

This week marked d start of exam weeks for d students. N today I was on invigilation duty for my class...n hopefully d students managed to pull thru, insyaAllah. But some of them informed me afterward that d questions were tough...hhmm.

Anyway, spent last nite @ Equatorial Bangi as my Sayang was having a 1-day programme there. N coincidently I was @ Bangi for lunch yesterday...but this one is actually d Bangi Kopitiam located in Wangsa Maju. I was made to understand that it is owned by Kid of d Search rock band...tak tau la how sahih this is. But seen another branch in PD must be doing quite well agaknye.

Tahniah to Kid on his burgeoning business. N to d students of AUP 1210...congrats for completing d exam today. D same goes to our Studio 4 students...after d long interview-cum-peer assessment sessions recently. Moga2 all of d students excelled with warna2 yang terbang [...or it is berterbangan].

This morning...on invigilation duty, but in between of making my rounds, I just browsing here n there...virtually

lunch @ Bangi Kopitiam yesterday...ordered Mee Hailam + Asam Boy with lime to wash it down. D taste of d d Mee Hailam was okay but d serving size was quite huge...or it is because I had late breakfast earlier...may be la kott

Sunday, 5-Apr-2009 20:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...M'sia F1 GP - Klang version

morning...took Ina to test Vios n I tried d Camry 2.0
later...d C230 that I test driven
is that F1 or power boat racing?

Malaysia's round of F1 was held today but with no ticket [freebie ones laa] in sight, I opted to watch it at F1 Openhaus @ NZ Wheels Klang, courtesy of invitation to MyBenzers. Jamal joined me for this n we arrived there at about 4pm. Not many people around n I was thinking may be we arrived too early.

D big screen tv was not working initially but d lcd tvs were available so we parked ourselves in front of one of them. Since d race is yet to start...I took d opportunity to test drive a black W204 C230...very nice indeed eventho d route given for d test drive was quite short. My feedback - power delivery was very smooth, d 7-gear transmission was jerk-less n d ride was comfortable as well. I test-driven d Camry 2.0 in d morning n to compare d two is simple unfair kott. sum up d wasn't that fun [except for d test drive], door gifts were given to us only when we asked [or is it begged] for it, n no lucky draw being drawn [but stated as one of d agenda]. With d low turn out [less than 10 guests], d event was quite sunyi for a place that huge. Anyway, thanks to NZ Klang for hosting d event.

D McLaren SLR is still there since I was here for last year's F1. No taker probably as it is a left-hander

NZ Klang must has spent quite a bundle for d upgrading of this facility...very 'trendy' when compared to its previous outlook. Low number of guests is a let down though.

here we r...making ourselves comfy on d Corbusier sofas 2008 F1 entry is here

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