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Thursday, 2-Apr-2009 15:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...feeling stressed?...just go bake some cakes

outcomes of d session...minor corrections je

Was d examiner for final students' project papers this afternoon n d way one of them dealt with stress intrigued me. We [me n Prof Mansor] were informed by this student that prior to this viva session, she was feeling very stressful. N to overcome it...she baked some cakes...n brought some for us.

If another student buat air when feeling stressed kan syok...coz then d afternoon tea is complete....hhmm...macam2 adaaa....

Wednesday, 1-Apr-2009 20:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...internally n externally portfolio-wise

Internal portfolio last Monday...
for to here [my 1st time]-Nazri's treat, thnx bro
n today...3rd yr presentation...should involve more presenters

D displays been mounted...presentations rehearsed...proposals is d big day for our planning programme. Yes, it is Portfolio Day. On Monday we had our internal portfolio - intended to fine-tune n prepare d students for today. As today is when d external experts will come in...probing, commenting, criticizing, n 'intellectually' kutuk-ing d students' projects. N of course...once in a while even d lecturers get d tempias.

U can just see it on d students' faces [most of them at least], d tension, d nervousness n d 'cat got your tongue' moments when defending their projects...but proud moment for them nonetheless. N of course...we r proud of them as well...

welcome one...welcome is d big day for this 08/09 academic session...Portfolio Day...nice n cheerful poster I must say!!

1st year studio listening attentively [hopefully] to d comment of UiTM's Suhaimi. Other panel members include Selangor's JPBD head honcho, d fatherly Tn. Hj. Jaafar, JPBD Alor Star's Pn. Robi, Temerloh's Datin Shida [former student of ours] n Sg Petani's Hafisol. Why rep from Temerloh n Sg Petani...because our 3rd n 2nd year studio projects r in those respective localities...comprende?

d URP staff having an 'informal discussion' while d panel members were being briefed by d students. In d background were products of our 2nd year studio...colorful aint it? Even d panel members admitted that d displays by all of d years were simply awesome...congrats!! [but don't get big-headed laa...think kaizen]

last Monday...preparing for d crunch. We held our internal portfolio...trying to improve d students' presentations a notch or two. Here we were following d 4th year presentation on Comparative Planning System...based on their trip to S Korea n Singapura

Sunday, 29-Mar-2009 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...S.O.P*...busy weekend

Friday-Hijjas Kasturi lecture...but poor turn out
...coming back from KL yesterday n test drive d facelifted Civic
...afternoon of d cakes on offer

Yesterday...n no...we r not somewhere along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling in Penang. In fact we r right smack in d middle of KL...along d old Jalan Batu n not far from Chow Kit area to be exact. Read about this place in d newspaper last year n decided to give it a try. N d verdict...may be too much anticipation on my part kott. It was just an ok affair...many other kandar outlets served better n more currylicious dishes me think. Or may be d 'head chef' was off today.

Earlier my Sayang n me were in Sg Tua along with Abah trying to settle rumah sewa issue. Afterward Abah asked to be dropped off in KL as he wants to ronda2 Bukit Bintang area...n thats why we r in this locality this afternoon

n since we r oredi in downtown KL...we decided to extend our stay n jenguk2 Jalan TAR area. Tawaf few times until finding a parking spot in Sogo n made a run to one of d bookshops there as my Sayang needs a tafsir AlQuran.

n looks like KLians are appreciating arts a bit more nowadays. This used to be restricted to d Central Market only but now u can find some of them near Sogo as well. Lets just hope that d authority leave them alone as long as it didn't create any nuisance. At least they provide some entertainment for d busy shoppers n visitors.

Coming back to Shah Alam n made a pit stop at a Honda outlet as Ina wanted to test d new City. Yours truly, however, tried d new facelifted Civic n Shaari d salesguy 'requested' me to push it hard. That I did n he smilingly commented " tu la kalau nak test drive Civic"...hhmm

Today...n I was on campus in d morning to oversee our students putting up d various displays for our upcoming Portfolio Day. D internal portfolio is tomorrow while d session with external assessors will be on Wednesday. Most of d students have been preparing very hard for this n hopefully they'll enjoy d portfolio day

coming back from Gombak n made a pit stop @ Bang Anis/Badek's place. A birthday get-together for Bang Din n Badek...congrats to both...n semoga dipanjangkan umur insyaAllah.

* for those not in d know: S.O.P = standard operating procedure

Thursday, 26-Mar-2009 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...kimchi n d auctioning [but repenting] devil...d red one

Does this look like dessert to u? To is
...d various Korean dishes offered to us
...wahh...kenye dehh...alhamdullillah

D 4th year planning students held an exhibition on Comparative Planning System today...highlighting findings from a number of countries...n especially their trip to Korea n Singapore. It is great for them to be able to know other planning systems n to experience cultures of others. This is another special niche for our students n hopefully they'll appreciate it. Our hostess for d day, Shaza, was wearing Hanbok, d South Korean traditional dress [or called Chos┼Ćn-ot by their Northern comrades]. Great jobs guys...congrats!!

Later in d day, paid a visit to this 2 1/2 storey semiD...bukan apa...tengok2 je. It was about to be auctioned off next week with d reserve price of 600k. Somehow, its lay out is not very practical n d imminent construction site [probably major] at d back of d property are a turn off.

...n last nite...saw this Red Devil in d surau...n even stay for d ceramah. Nak praying for better results in d coming weeks kott...huhu

Wednesday, 25-Mar-2009 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...what r u trying to Pull mannn...d City...or d NPP?

checking d car once over
...Mijad asked me to drive d car to UIA
today...UIA is represented

Yesterday Jamal n yours truly accompanied Mijad to collect his brand spanking new Honda City...congrats Jad!! this time of what most people recognised as 'economic downturn' n d catchphrase of 'stimulus package' is heard in many conversations...we still need the masses to make d economic wheels turning...wisely of course. N this is where Mijad...n others...all of us...come in.

Meanwhile, joined d discussion of National Physical Plan [NPP] review in PICC today along with Lukman n Zainora. Many comments were made including the need to "jive in very well", case of TNB's "nak supply" but "tak sampai" n other implementation hiccups. Afterward, made a detour to Pullman Hotel along Putrajaya Lake to learn about its retreat package for our department. We were informed by Shazman, d salesguy, that even in d current economic condition its occupancy rate is about 85%.

Still on d subject of economy, it was sad to learn that a number of my students lost their purses while we were assessing their presentations in d studio last Monday. It was a surprise as many of them were around in d studio n to think that someone among them is d culprit is simply unthinkable...but possible. Hopefully those victimised will get over it d soonest, insyaAllah.

Be patient n be strong...this too shall pass.

Semalam...Mijad looking radiant next to his new ride we r in PICC...all d IPTAs were bunched together at d back row

checking out d Pullman after d discussion. This reminded me of d Sg Petani's clock tower

learned that d structure was designed by Raja Baharin...consisted of 4 wings n each with different themes...Malay, Chinese, Indian n Sabah/Sarawak architectures. N it is rated 5+ d quotation to come soon will reflect this la agaknye

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