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Sunday, 22-Mar-2009 14:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...akad nikah @ Puncak Alam...Ticam n Rina Pt. 2

...renjis...jangan tak renjis
...ppsstt...u tau tak yang...
Ticam n his parents-in-law

This has been quite a busy weekend with d many functions here n addition to d trip south to Melaka. In d afternoon today, our destination was Puncak Alam for Ticam n Rina's wedding reception @ PakCik/Cik's place. As Ayoi's kenduri khawin late last year, this was also done gotong-royong style...tabik spring to d community there!!

It was a great gathering of d many sedara-mara coming from d different parts of d peninsular. Some of d fotos here were snapped by Eyo as I was busy mengunyah...

Sunday, 22-Mar-2009 08:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...not just a bunch of hot air u used to know

Luqman joined us...n wanted a ride on d balloons...biasa la kann
d airborne balloons leaving d monument behind
...d peacock n d clown...who is funnier u think?
We skipped our Sunday early morning wet market ritual today as we found ourselves at d 1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009. It was held at Precinct 2 adjacent to the ‘Monumen Alaf Baru’. D event started since Thursday with hot air balloons of various shapes n colors representing nearly twenty countries participating. It really was a festive-like atmosphere with members of d public thronging d free event.

Yes...that 'F' really helps to bring d big audience n hopefully future event will attract even more ballooners from all over d world.

myriad of colors these hot air balloons r

Foto op for me n my Sayang...nanti kita beli satu belon utk jalan2 ok...we simply fly over d many many traffic jams. Either that or we get a Harrier jump jet...huhu

Saturday, 21-Mar-2009 10:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...akad nikah @ Puncak Alam...Ticam n Rina Pt. 1

Bride's dad n Ticam yg sengih aje
...n akad pun dilafazkan
now dah jadi dad-in-law...his turn to senyum pulak
Here I am in Puncak Alam in d morning for Ticam's majlis akad nikah to Rina. D akad ceremony was handled by d bride's father himself with d Pak Imam guiding d proceeding. Ticam, my cousin, somehow had forgotten to bring his IC but d majlis went ahead as d Pak Imam had known Ticam since he was young, so d case of mistaken identity didn't arise...hihi.

Congrats to both Ticam [Ibtisam] n Rina [Sh Zukrina]...semoga jodoh berkekalan insyaAllah.

d sedara-mara from both sides witnessing d akad ceremony. D house is brand new n d family had moved in only 2 months kira house-warming session jugak la

d king for d day...Ticam n Rina...congrats guys n jangan nakal-nakal

Friday, 20-Mar-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...laptop cowboy

so now u know where d only triangle KFC is
do u think this is how a cowboy town looks like...
We were in Melaka since yesterday to bring Ina's laptop to Fahim. Why u may ask. Well...Fahim's laptop got stolen right b4 his mid semester break recently...n Ina suggested for Fahim to use hers temporarily. N taking advantage of d school holiday, we found ourselves in A Famosa resort [d only one with vacancy].

But in d end, Fahim preferred to get a new unit as according to him d replacement laptop is not up to his spec. But I suspected that d crack near d hinge of d display is d actual reason. Al maklum stylo la kekalau using a broken [although functioning] laptop...ntah laaa. Sabo je la akuuu

for dinner last nite...we traveled to Pengkalan Balak for its seafood dishes. Interestingly...d akak cashier talked to me n Luqman in English...hhmm...I m very sure I looked Melayu enough...

this morning...n of course...d obligatory swimming pool session for Luqman...guess who had to teman him

parts of d resort seems like experiencing d season of spring. N d S'pore-registered cars r everywhere as usual

Wednesday, 18-Mar-2009 13:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...ER Klang style...n Mr. Clooney is not in sight

nearing 1am...n here we r
about 3.30am...whoa...d pharmacy is still open
6.15am...Subh @ d surau n b'fast time for practical students

It was nearly midnite last nite when I got a call from Mak...Abah is not feeling well n would like to seek some medical attention. Drove both of them to Klang's Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital ER [Emergency Room] n Abah was sent to d Asthma Room immediately. It was d wee hours of d morning but few patients were oredi there undergoing treatment...some as young as 3 years old. Something to do with our air quality perhaps.

All in all, Abah was looked at by 2 or 3 medical officers n alternating between Asthma Room n Bilik 1 Treatment Room. Finally, one of d doctors decided that Abah can be admitted for further observation. D doctor's decision was made at about 6am...more than 5 hours since we arrived...n there goes our sleeping hours. Anyway, Abah pointed out that 5 hours is a big improvement compared to d past...go figure.

Went to class later n informed d students that if ever any of them made it as a Minister of Health...please...please...a revamp of its services is totally in order. N of course...d story on smoking n its side effect...Abah used to smoke n now it is affecting him...badly. Your doa for him to recover soon is greatly appreciated.

Klang's not so glamorous ER. We reached here at about 12.30am. BTW, that Kembara was delivering one accident victim. N he was not d last one to arrive while we were there. Things usually get even worse on weekend.

D Asthma Room...d medical officer himself was not feeling well. He dozed off later when no more patients need his attention...ksian dia...must be tiring with d working hours that he put in. Anyway, thanx to him for treating Abah very courteously.

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