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Friday, 30-Apr-2010 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark envr...lost in translation

if u r not in d know...theres a great roti canai place @ d back
he was there too...quite 'angry'...n with pantun of course
Homedec 2010...options for accessibility

last Friday [230410] we joined Ajak for a run to have a look at a house that he had designed. Here we r...admiring d pool @ d rear of d abode

one interesting thing about this area is that no fence is allowed n it is facing d Putrajaya main quite nice to see fenceless residences n d wind coming in from d lake should be quite cooling

while earlier this week, on Monday n Tuesday [26 n 27 April], I participated in Malaysia Green Forum 2010 in Putrajaya Corporation Complex...

...d main organiser of d event is Lanskap Malaysia, an NGO headed by Jeanne Abdullah, wife of Pak Lah. N for d opening, it was officiated by d PM himself. D forum itself was quite interesting as d participants include gov't officials, academics, corporate players and d often vocal NGOs of course...

n today afternoon we jengok Homedec 2010 @ KL Conv Ctr...just to survey whats interesting for our future project...

while on d way back, couldn't help but to notice this 'informative' document in front of d bus driver on d next lane while we were caught in traffic...basically for the drivers to converse in other languages of their 'regular' passengers...such as Nepalese and Vietnamese..wahh...good move!!

Tuesday, 13-Apr-2010 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...economic slow-down...or is it really

Mazda6...many buttons to play with
last Tuesday...tried this coffee from a boot...pekat abiss

Attended a meeting with Higher Education Ministry on Tuesday 30/03/10 in Putrajaya...n d chairperson informed us that due to budget constraint, only biskut kering n plain water are being offered as 'refreshment'. We were there actually to discuss d halatuju of planning education. All d planning schools were represented while IIUM was entrusted to lead d study...

but most events on d streets didn't really reflect this 'slow-down' phenomenon. Just look at d above I was accompanying a friend to hunt for a car last Tuesday [9/4/10]. D specs was either Camry, Accord or Mazda6. Camry won in d end as there was stock available...

n I came along with Jamal to hunt for Mazda3...n we ended up here in Jln Ampang yesterday...with him ended up confirming his booking for a 2.0 unit

n as d old saying goes...alang2 menyelok pekasam [u know d drill...] I test-drove d Mazda6. Drove it on AKLEH...boleh tahann gak laa

while in d showroom this Mazda3 hatchback brought back d memories of my Mazda Familia days...zoom zoom indeed was oredi d end of d semester...with exam, final assignments submission n all that. I was on duty on d morning of 30/3/10 in d Gallery...good luck to d students...n d lecturers too [they need to mark all these answer scripts u know!!]...

Monday, 12-Apr-2010 20:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...fame n fortune...nahhh

today...tgh layan host of Astro Awani

my Sayang was on tv today...on Astro Awani to be they were getting her input on public transportation n whats not. Probably it didn't qualify as Andy Warhol's 15 minutes of fame...since her foray into d broadcasting industry didn't even reach 14 minutes. I, on d other hand, had surpassed I was on tv for 5 days straight...but in d days when there were only 2 channels, no colors n u still to pay your tv another word...while I was still pre-school...huhu.

we had lunch in Concorde Shah Alam yesterday...courtesy of a wedding reception of our former student, Nur Izzah, who is currently attached to MQA. Other than me, SJ n wife were there as well

cake d midst of soap bubbles...

n immediately after that, we attended a house-warming do of Sabita, my Sayang's UM colleague...n ran into xNotts Sharif/Farah n family there

Sunday, 4-Apr-2010 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...Gopeng jap

Abah entertaining Awateef
time to go...
...bye n c u later
Travelled up north to Gopeng early in d morning to jengok Awateef n her PLKN camp. We were joined by Mak, Abah n Ina in a 2nd car with d journey taking about 1.5 hours. D road leading to d camp can qualify as one of d SS for M'sian Rally Championship...probably as a measure to 'discourage' parents from visiting d place.

n here she is...n u may notice that she got a 'pangkat' on her a dorm leader. We were informed that d 1st week her Delta 4 dorm had been rated d dirtiest...but d following week was promoted to d cleanest [of course after consulting her Mama by fon...hihi]

n as many other parents visiting d camp, d KFC dishes seem to be d favorite...just because theres one outlet in d nearest PLUS's R&R

Awateef coming back from her dorm after depositing d goodies that we brought along

Mak, Abah n Ina left earlier but we stayed a while longer. N then it is time for us to depart as Fahim is leaving for Kuantan later

...bye2 for now Awateef...see u again soon

while on d way back, drove along this Felali cabriolet. Initially thought that it is heading to Sepang for today's F1...but as it was driven leisurely, probably just a weekend drive kott

Friday, 2-Apr-2010 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...a free free practice @ Sepang

yesterday...saw PM in PICC...Professor Negara Sepang...dry intially
...n was raining cats n dogs
Took a day off I am bringing Luqman to Sepang for F1 free practice run. My Sayang n Aiman joined as well. For d free practice, there is no admission tickets necessary. Initially we had wanted to join d Pit Walk-about scheduled at 5pm. But sadly d agenda was really badly organised...n that is taking into account only few groups of school children participated. Originally they targeted for 6,000 children...if they couldn't handle about 300 students, it is gonna be much worse if d 6,000 turned up. Anyway, similar to Binjai event, it was another wet affair...but luckily [or unluckily...depending on how u see it] d sky opens up only after d practice run has ended...

Luqman n Aiman taking in d F1 is their 1st time in Sepang circuit

while it is d 2nd time for my Sayang. There's a lot of college students today...n in their college apparels...such as those in d background

later d F1 practice run commenced...this is si Nico Rosberg

n a representative of a 'local' team...d Lotus F1 speeding past d grandstand

a Torro Rosso...not to be confused with Red Bull F1 team...different engines...same owners

for M'sian GP, a M'sian flag is added as part of Team Lotus livery...probably d flag can add more horsepower kott

n here is Schumi strutting his stuff

Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull...said to be one of d potential candidates to be d champion

former F1 champ n latest Ferrari pilot...Fernando Alonso

another Hamilton...didn't exhibit any “an over-exuberant manner” as he did d "burnout" in a Melbourne car park recently

cameraman yang power...his friends, if they r sad, know whose strong shoulder that they can cry on

TUDM's own pilots showing d F1 pilots that they can have a 'podium-style' formation as well

wahh...what a handsome collection u have in your garage... So, which one would u rather have? For me personally...I'll go for d one on d right...d W204 AMG C-Class Estate as it can fit in d whole family...n d fact that d mak mertua will marah if I choose d SLS...only 2 seats maa

d highlight of d day of course is d racing lorry...looks like d Ferrari-colored lorry is leading

there was also an exhibition of former F1 great machines. This one has Unipart as its main sponsor...for me it is like 'old would bleeding again [luka lama berdarah kembali]'. Behind it is a Lotus F1 n on d right is d Benetton F1 which used to be driven by Schumacher

d free practice has ended but still more people were streaming in while we were exiting...n my Sayang was bisik-ing to ke si Ross Brawn tu suruh bawak SLS masa kat Binjai kemarin...

I assummed...based on this foto...that d boys really enjoyed themselves

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