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Monday, 25-Jan-2010 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...key o key...where r thou

...lesson learnt

lost d key to d Wish d other morning...lookie here..lookie there...but d key is no where to be found. Turned out that it was left in d car itself over nite...meaning that our ride was not locked...n with d key in d ignition all nite long. Alhamdullillah nothing untoward happens...kalau takk...nayaa la jawab ye.

14.01.10...went to MIP for a meeting...n to judge 'blindly' poster entries from planning students from various uni. Turned out that posters from IIUM were those among d top...but need to wait for official result soon

16.01.10...had a doa selamat-cum-Najwa b'day in S2...lots of presents for Najwa.

n then n impromptu hula-hoop [probably one of d gifts] session/contest was on

BTW, my laptop went dead recently. One perk of using uni's unit is that anything wrong n we can just call Dell...a techie came d following day n replaced d mother board

last Saturday...visited another property launch...this one in Templer Hills. Quite nice but a bit boxy to my 'liking'. It was raining very lebat later n thats why this foto is quite blurry

went again to visit I City today...seems like they r adding more decorative order to welcome d CNY's Tiger year...

Monday, 11-Jan-2010 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...b'day, wedding n PD [...again]

bbq session with students...1 hour to get d fire burning...hhmm

my Sayang celebrated another b'day last week...n as per usual we had a small do... along with d kids. Semoga dipanjangkan umur n dimurahkan rezki, insyaAllah...we luv u lots

last Saturday my Sayang n me travelled to PD, to oversee d studio students' fieldwork survey. But b4 heading south, we made a stop in PJ for a wedding kenduri. It was Anas's wedding...he was n undergrad student in Notts n were quite close to us as her mom is my Sayang's colleague in UM

n here we r in PD. D students were grouped into 3 to study PD town centre, Tlk Kemang n Pasir Panjang [PP]. D above was earlier today in PP...on a nelayan's jetty along with d students as well as Along Lukman, a colleague of mine. N thingy on d jetty r ikan kering-to-be.

we also visited some other areas in PD that we have never been b4 such as this 'keramat'

it has been a while since we jengok d Blue Lagoon...seems like d place has been upgraded with many facilities.

BTW, in PD we stayed in Corus...n it looked like d place really need to be spruced up as d maintenance has been neglected...n this is probably because people r still coming n staying there, especially over d weekend, even when it is a bit run down. But PD on d whole really need to undergo some sort of 'spring cleaning'...d beach r quite filthy, lots of abandoned projects, etc, etc...

Tuesday, 5-Jan-2010 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...eid adha : Cambodian-style

a typical village haus over there
group of young students...probably in their best outfit for Eid
Got a call recently from Sukot, a friend from Cambodia n a former IIUM student, who I got to know late last year. He was involved in getting sadaqah from here for Muslim communities in Cambodia...specifically during d last Eid Adha. He brought along with him some fotos of d activities during Eid over there...n I had some of them scanned n uploaded...

one of d schools for d Muslims in Cambodia...shouldn't we be thankful for what we have?!

n thats him...Sukot in d middle. He told me that many Muslim communities over there requested for him to collect funds for their Eid celebration...but he was simply overwhelmed n couldn't handle them all.

So whatever u d many many ways available...n contribute in His path...insyaAllah u'll be rewarded

Saturday, 2-Jan-2010 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...year end / new year

City with d I
Pak Engku's little museum...P Ramlee's ic pun ade
hhmm...sedap gak kekalau ronda2 bawak ni yea

It is oredi d end of d year...time really do flies...rapidly. As per SOP [...standard operating procedure], this will mean, among others, another round of preparing d kids for school n whats not.

I City near our place seems to be d place to be in case u r interested to see some xtravaganza X Mas lightings...they really spent a bundle on these...

Sunday - 27th an kenduri invite from Pak Engku @ his new home n saw this still under construction 'rumah kampung' on his compound...he wants to turn it into a 'mini museum' perhaps. BTW, while there...I was @ this table where I was d only non-Dato'...huhu

Monday...accompanied my studio's students to PD for their preparations of this semester's project...Special Area Plan. Meet up with MPPD's planner n later had a quick look at d 3 study sites...this is next to Sg Linggi...bordering Melaka...

...n d fishermen boats there put up even d BN flag

yeaterday...another type of preparation...for school. Here we r looking for tudung sekolah in d glamorous Kompleks PKNS...choices n more choices

got a call later from Ina...her ride got banged while @ S9...n here we r outside a balai

later on we headed to OU...n bumped into this newly launched 370Z from Nissan. This abang was probably saying..."kalau aku pasang rim ni kat Kancil aku kan besssttt...baru la blingy n pimpy"

Sunday, 27-Dec-2009 20:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...gambang[ed] no more

Friday - linked up with Mak, Abah n Ina [coming from T'ganu]
X'mas time la Santa must be around somewhere
...bug vs 50sen coin
We have been in Gambang since last Friday...for free...courtesy of Bukit Gambang Water Park [why free...refer here]. So for this trip d accommodation n entry to d park were paid for...hihi. But since only 4 passes were given to d park, only d kids went inside yesterday and they said that d rides there were not bad at all.

Friday...being a 3-day Xmas weekend, d hiway was jam-packed with people n their many many we r being stuck while on Karak hiway.

"take me to your leader"...being a former estate, theres lots of bugs can be found @ BGWP. This one greeted us right outside d elevator...

this is d accommodation part of d park...eventho it is right smack in d jungle n far from any bay...probably due to d Johnny Depp's pirate thingy...hhmm

d water park itself is a few hundred metres from d apartment...this is at its entrance...looking spanking new still

yesterday...while d kids were having a blast in d water park, my Sayang n me headed to Kuantan's East Coast Mall...n watched Avatar [spur of d moment decision kind of thing]...awesome movie this

n last nite we travelled to Kuantan again...n singgah @ this Secret Recipe as it is Farhah's 14th b'day today...a slice of cake pun jadi lahh...alhamdullillah

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