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Sunday, 20-Dec-2009 20:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...of Nottingham n King's Drain

Friday...lobby of d Inn
Sunday...great time for d kids
some of d ladies who joined d do

hhmm...there have been familiar voices enveloping us recently...since Friday 2 b exact. Specifically...these r d Nottingham sounds that have been with us for more than 3 years few moons ago. Well, actually d Notts gang had a reunion of sort since 2 days ago n it was held in Parit Raja in Johor. N u ask...why King's Drain? Lets just say that our members, Baha n Awin, r running a hotel there, named D'Impian Inn, n it simply is a great opportunity for us to get together. BTW...d above is d back of Basri's ride...pity that we didn't get to cekau one of these BBC Notts stickers while we were in d other side of d pond.

d 'reunion' 'officially' starts on Saturday, but a few families turned up earlier just to savour d experience longer. We ourselves were supposed to travel south on Saturday...but early Friday morning we received calls 'encouraging' us to be there pronto. N since Friday was a holiday for Awal Muharram, we decided to jump onto d bandwagon n steered ourselves southward. Turned out that we were d 1st family to arrive n received by d ever-smiling Baha. But we were joined later by Yahya/Fauziah, Adnan/Azah, Rashid/Dila, Fifi/Nasiroh, Malik/Salwani n their respective families as well as Iko/Izan among others. N here we r enjoying a cuppa or 2 @ D'Impian Kopitiam on Friday...located right across from D'Impian Inn.

Later that nite d guys went out for a round of Asam Pedas...n it turned out to be a journey of about 80 km of jalan kampung each way. We went in 2 cars n with me commandeering Adnan's Odyssey. I'll say that d Odyssey was quite comfy to drive n responsive too. N ohh...d Asam Pedas dishes were nice...considering that we were there wayyy past midnite. line with d tradition in Notts...we had a round of badminton in d afternoon. But since most of us r quite rusty...we managed only a few sets while d rest just borak2 je

in d evening we held our 'meeting'...with everyone putting on their NMC Alumni apparels. N if u may have noticed...even d table skirting r orange in color

n after 'deliberations n a transparent' voting process...these r d line-up of d NMC Alumni committee with Baha as d pengerusi

n followed by group foto op of course...

Sunday n final d morning d kids had a gala time taking part in various games

we checked-out in d afternoon but d journey was far from complete. On d way back, most of d gang stopped by @ Baha/Awin's place for another round of 'meaningful communication' with BBQ on d side. Nasib baik d compound was accommodate d many 'student AP' German-marque rides...

All in all it was a great outing...thanks to everyone who have made it possible...especially to our host n hostess...n families who travelled all d way from Kedah. BTW, my camera 'kong-ed' while of d images above were courtesy of Iko n NizamJohn...thanx guys.

Sunday, 13-Dec-2009 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...on d road again...up north @ Penang n Megat Dewa

our base...Hydro Hotel @ Miami Bech
@ Megat Dewa...d pengantin baru
...n d 'not so new' pengantin...playing host n hostess

Over d weekend we were on d road again...this time to attend Nazri's siblings weddings...2 of them. Left for Penang, our base for this trip, on Friday n we were quite lucky to be able to find a place on a short notice during this peak season. D kenduri was held yesterday @ Megat Dewa n then back to Penang for another day of R&R.

Friday...visiting Penang wont be d same if we didn't experience this of course...d Ferringhi nite market. Even d iPhone can be found there...for less than RM1k...tapi tak tau la pulak which pirated version punye

yesterday morning...went for beach walk-about n found this 'Baywatch Tower'...but without d ladies in orangey-reddish suit with 'huge floatation device'...hhmm

later @ Megat Dewa...kenduri time

there were 2 sets of pengantins...this was d 1st one. D 2nd one has yet to arrive when we took off

afterward...went with my Sayang to Gurney Drive for dinner while Awateef, Farhah n Luqman lounged around @ d hotel pool

D kids joined us jalan2 next n visited d latest hotel in Penang...this is its ceiling lighting at d entrance...neat huhh

n Farhah n Luqman managed to have a foto shoot with MJ in front of d cafe.

On this trip we noted that d work on d Penang bridge has completed n d traffic moved much better now...not as congested as b4. Interestingly, most of d weekends for this month r 3-day weekends...n we would be on d road for most of d south n d east later, insyaAllah...

Saturday, 5-Dec-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark da club...for a wedding

d couple...good luck to both

made myself available @ PICC yesterday for a JPBD's review of d Nat'l Physical Plan. Sitting next to me was a former Prof of ours...Prof Che representing UPM

but tonite we were in JPA Golf Club in PJ...for Jamal's niece wedding.

d setting n d deco were quite nice...but d catering service was not up to par...probably they didn't anticipate d high number of guests coming at one go...

Sunday, 29-Nov-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...eid adha...W212 launched...n b'days

semalam...many buttons n knobs for u to play with
Bg Azmi...tekan...jgn tak tekan...0-100 in under 8 seconds
Fahim's b'day...19 dah dia...dah beso

We celebrated Eid Adha on Friday n journeyed to Bt Laut d nite b4. Interestingly, found out while @ Bt Laut masjid that d qibla was not accurate all this while...eventho by a small degrees je. This was corrected by JAIS n d new direction was designated by a string on every saf.

N while in Bt Laut, Bg Azmi was telling me that he is interested to test out d new Merc E Class W212 model. N me with d 'right connection' n being a petrolhead 'slightly', volunteered to set him up for d test drive...

... n here we were yesterday...@ NZ Wheels Klang n being briefed by my 'online' friend, Fadhil...on d virtues of d new W212

...n this is not d test drive of d E350 Coupe...just a posing posing n belagak je....

a couple of fotos of E250...with LED running light...tiru Audi yeeaaa?? BTW, d 'no tiang' cockpit look is great

n this is d E300 Sedan that we test-driven...tak mahal mana punn...dekat setengah juta je!!

on display outside...a black Coupe. Design-wise...d coupe is a looker arright. But d sedan, me think that d W211 looks better...cleaner...but may be this W212 is an acquired taste n need some time to 'acclimatise'.

Saturday is also Fahim's 19th b'day. Here all of us were celebrating it...n earlier we had a dinner @ Alam Sentral. Congrats Fahim...n good luck in your exam next week!!

n today saw us in Kg Kubu Gajah Luar...for Iman's 1st b'day. Wahh...quite busy la this many celebrations....alhamdullillah

Monday, 23-Nov-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...u got accredited...n CLAed too


Quite some time ago, d accreditation of our program for an additional 5 years has been highlighted here...after it was assessed mid last year n early this year by d Board of Town Planners. N today, d official handing over of d certificate was held @ d Rector's Office.

Later d Rector congratulated d dept on d successful accreditation n d message was displayed @ d front page of d university's website. Thnx to all d staff for making this possible.

At d same time, today yours truly started with d CLA5 [Competency Level Assessment] 4-day programme...basically to assess whether I 'deserve' to undergo some sort of promotion n salary shift. Hhmm...kiri assess...kanan assess...KPIs n whats not.

BTW, snapped d above while on a break in between d CLA5 sessions...rarely did I manoeuvre into this area recently...unlike when I was with Development. Great to see that d soft landscape has been maturing well...not like when this campus was 1st used way back then...very very kontang one

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