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Wednesday, 18-Nov-2009 23:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...jengok d shark & d croc jap

...venue of d conference
...our temporary abode
reaching home...ooppss...almost serupa tapi tak sama
Surabaya, d 2nd largest city in Indonesia, was named after d clash between a shark n a crocodile [called sura n baya respectively over there]. We learned of this while visiting there for about 4 days since Sunday...actually my Sayang was involved in a conference @ Surabaya Shangrila n I am a part of d 'spouse programme'...hihi.

Sunday...reaching Juanda Int'l airport outside Surabaya...high density settlement eehh

hhmm...jangan 'hentam kromo' dah laa. Anyway, a deceiving foto this...with almost no traffic in view. D traffic volume over there is 'machet' most of d time but d locals said that it is not as bad as Jakarta.

upon checking in at Mercure hotel [cheaper than Shangrila of course], we took up d advice of our airport taxi driver to visit Plaza Jambatan Merah. Waduh...waduh...apaa lagii...sopping la jawab nyaaa...

Monday, joined my Sayang @ d conference. Organisation-wise, it was quite a haru biru, especially d looonnggg wait for d VP of Indonesia to officiate d event. Anyway, there's a lot of papers n presentations that interest me...

nearing d opening d Jawa Timur's Raka n Raki [pageants] welcoming d delegates

n here he is...d VP officiating d opening. D guy @ his back was there all d time while d VP was giving his speech...n probably not allowed to senyum even a bit kott

n later that nite, d Walikota [mayor] of Surabaya hosted a dinner for us...siap with entertainment of course. A 'local authority' choir here...

...a dance by a young girls troupe...

...n another cultural show...just to show a few....

it was drizzling slightly that thats answer d watermarks on d lens

n here is d facade of d city deco style gamaknye...

Tuesday...while my Sayang was off to d conference, I took d opportunity to walk about...n ended up about few km from our hotel n entering d city centre

Surabaya is all about fighting d colonials of d past n independence...n there r a lot of statues to show this off...such as d one above

'becak' is another common mode of transport here...usually d operators r from d rural areas outside d city. D beca also served as their homes while in d city...where they rest n sleep at nite, with a simple plastic cover to protect from any precipitation n probably a sarong as blanket

there r quite a number of malls over here as well...especially for d well to do. But d fast food outlets were crowded most of the time, such as McD n Pizza Hut, n it must dent their wallets quite a bit comparative to their average income levels. Speaking of fast food, one time we had dinner at a Pizza Hut near Mercure...n d way they treat d customers were simply out of this world...

headed to Shangrila after my walk-about for lunch. As u can see above, security is very tight for access to most international hotels there...n some of d shopping malls as well. With regards to taxi, almost all of d taxis there consisted of 1st generation Toyota Vios [a testament to their sturdiness I guess]...n d drivers were generally very courteous. Sayang looking very busy indeed...while her spouse is 'spousing' around

Today...dah last day dah. We decided for another trip to Jambatan Merah since our luggage have 'plenty' more room to sumbat. As observed in Jakarta n Bandung b4, street paddlers r aplenty least they r providing some sort of services for d motorists

n our last shopping stop was this outlet about half a km from our hotel...looks similar to d 'rumah mode' of Bandung.

Later on, we were stranded for a few hours in Juanda airport as d flight was delayed. Upon landing in LCCT nearing midnite, we headed home after grabbing our luggage...n suddenly realised while at in our bedroom that one of d bags was not ours. After some 'investigations', turned out that d said bag, that looks 92.87% like ours, belonged to a lawyer [an IIUM-grad according to d M'sian Bar database...when he was googled] who was 'golfing' around in Surabaya. We managed to contact each other, rendezvous in Kelana Jaya [after another trip to LCCT to retrieve our 'actual' bag], n we finally hit d bed past 3 in d morning...hhmm.

Saturday, 14-Nov-2009 22:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...rumah here n rumah there

near our place...variety of angles, colors n materials
Amverton anyone...millions je

As can be observed from a number of previous entries...we were in d phase of having a look @ d many many houses under construction or even show houses...lets just say that it is to prepare my class materials. Here r some of them...

not far from our abode...nice ehh. A one-storey unit spread out in an irregular-shaped land.

We couldn't believe that d unit is using d common atap zinc for its roof...eventho they were added with some sound proving material to cut down d noise from d rain. Or may be d roof is yet to be finalised...but an attractive overall design nevertheless

we also visited Amverton Park @ Bkt was being advertised as using Australian design we need to see d show houses [4 or 5 in all!!] ourselves

we revisited this PKNS project @ S7...we were passing by n d contractor said that we can have a look around...again

...n not long after it was turned into a show house by a property agent...with finishing n all. Price...from near RM2mil [...did u say merely??] n going further north of course. During the above visit d property agents entertained us...eventho it should be 'by invitation' only

...another almost completed house @ S7...nice design n color scheme too

we also had an appointment in Bangi...n took d opportunity to visit Azila's new palace. Azila n her family have oredi moved in but some additional works r still on-going...biasa la kann. Congrats to Azila n family on d new warming bile yea??

Friday, 6-Nov-2009 18:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...happenings - late Oct n early Nov

LFC vs MUFC...n d winner is SITC...hhmm

D other weekend, 25th Oct to be exact, d big game was Liverpool v Man Utd...but in my case...SITC won. That is 'Sex in the City' for those who have been under d tempurung all this while. It was all in the matter of timing. D big game n d movie came on at about d same time on d telly. N d ladies in d haus wanted to watch d girlie wayang of course. So yours truly have to resort to a Mamak outlet within d same postcode area in order to witness d big game. Even over there vacant seats r hard to come was as if we were in Anfield ourselves...but with teh tarik n mee goreng being served by someone who looks like Ryan Babel...or David N'Gog perhaps...but with more head gestures

crossed path with this GTR recently @ S6's Petronas...Carlos Ghosn must be very proud of his baby

last Saturday...celebrated Bg Azmi's 50th b'day...congrats...stay healthy...n many happy returns, insyaAllah.

if u premierly need to go to d loo u can go per pop. Went to d Gardens/MidV last Sunday...really really felt d urge to wee wee n teserempak with this premierly priced facility. So, as u have expected...I made a quick u-turn that even Jenson Button would have been proud of n headed to a 'deputy premier' washroom...FOC summore

We received a visitor from Uni of Wales yesterday, Ms. Alice Brown, n she briefed us about Planning in London. It was quite interesting n so was d Q&A session later

d exam for my class was held today n d exam venue was shared by Planning n QS students [luckily none of d QS students ask me about their exam questions]. Alhamdullillah I also took d opportunity during that time to fine tune my FRGS proposal for d upcoming CLA5. Hopefully d students perform well as most of them were very good while in d class...

This week we received a sad news of Uncle Nazim who passed away on Monday. We had visited him d day b4 @ Kajang Hospital when he was still on life support system. I last met him quite some time ago but we have been communicating thru d phone few times recently. He was quite involved when I was getting fact I was traveling in his Bimmer 7 Series from Shah Alam to Bt Laut then. Semoga Allah mencucuri roh beliau dan ditempatkan bersama-sama org2 yg soleh insyaAllah. AlFatihah.

Saturday, 24-Oct-2009 22:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...invite here n invite there

Thursday...d Museum...lots of nice artefacts on display
last nite...dinner invite...
...n this morning inside a Blue masjid

Received an invite few weeks ago for an event @ Islamic Arts Museum...n since I've always been wanting to visit d place for quite some time, I jumped at d opportunity. It was d launching of an xhibit, last Thursday, on 'En Route to Mecca: Pilgrims’ Voices Throughout the Centuries', depicting various interesting documents, photos n artefacts about d trip thru out d years. Visited d souvenir shop too n lots of nice items there as well. BTW, there was a partial black-out while @ d a number of d galleries were in d dark n air-cond was not available...a prime example of Murphy's Law indeed.

N while eid celebrations r 'officially' over, we received 2 invites for 'open haus' last nite n today. It was dinner last nite courtesy of Raja Rosli's Kuzi Catering, with many celebrities involved...some of whom I simply tak kenal...may be I need to brush up on this...hhmm. N today was a raya open house by Mak's network held @ Masjid Negeri officiated by d Sultan's sister. For d later, I was sent over to snap fotos...n to conduct 'taste test' on d many gerais on offer...huhu

@ Islamic Arts Museum on Thursday

dinner malam tadi...thanx to Raja Rosli n Co.

...n today @ Masjid Negeri

Sunday, 18-Oct-2009 13:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...a kenduri @ Sg Tua Pt 2

Bg Ngah n d 2 grooms...ready to berarak
kek potong time...
After our rendezvous in Pasir Mas n Sitiawan recently, d finale is finally here...with d kenduri for d two couples. D kenduri was held after d morning session of qatam + cukur rambut ended n d number of guests was simply staggering...leading to d host looking 'slightly worried' to see d depleting lauk-pauk n nasi. But fret not...everything turned out well, alhamdullillah.

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