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Sunday, 18-Oct-2009 10:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...a kenduri @ Sg Tua Pt 1

last nite...rehearsal time
...tak leh tidoo laa has been a while actually since this place was updated [as this is actually updated sometimes xtremely backdatedly...hhmm]. Bukan apa...towards end of semester there r simply tonnes of things to do. Anyway, this entry covers d kenduri @ Sg Tua...a combo of Qatam involving d 2 pengantins, Luqman n a son of Kak Cik/Bos + cukur rambut [some people say jambul] of Along Adawiah's daughter...

congrats to Luqman for participating in d qatam ceremony...

d boys n their mamas...

...with Wan next

n Nenek was there too

once d qatam was done...up next...cukur jambul pulakk...

Bg Rashid...a proud Atok indeed

...n here r d proud parents with their little pengantin...congrats

Friday, 16-Oct-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...sustainably assembled: Putrajaya, Bangi n Puncak Alam

@ d ministry...roof top features
SERI later...
looking at various SERI's scale models
In d afternoon today, my destination was UiTM Puncak Alam campus for Planning Students Assembly 2009. It was supposed to be held in its Shah Alam campus earlier but it eventually was postponed n relocated. We were represented by 18 students only since it was at d end of d semester n most of d students were quite busy [I guess je laa..] with their projects n assignments. Meanwhile, yesterday I took my class on a site visit to Putrajaya in d morning n UKM in d afternoon. For d former, we paid a visit to d Ministry of Energy, Green Technology n Water while in UKM we singgah @ its Solar Energy Research Institute [SERI]. Basically all of us were exposed to whats available today with regards to attempt towards sustainable housing...

yesterday...En Khalid, an engineer [seconded from JKR] by profession, of d ministry briefing us on facets of green building

foto op at d naturally cooled [by using thermal flue] lobby area of d ministry

for lunch we made a pit stop @ Alamanda. These boys must have had heavy they jumped around to help with d digestion...perhaps

at SERI later...we were briefed by Ar. Lim...n it was great to learn about d many works carried out by them. D model on d table is their experimentation on low energy house...

...that they planned to built 'real-scale' sometime next year

n finally we visited their earlier experiment of solar housing many postgrad students

while this I am @ UiTM Puncak Alam...nice new campus but minuscule on d number of students within it

here is d organiser of d event...he was quite blurr [according to his lecturers]...turned out that he loss his handfon earlier...cian diaa

our team's chief...explaining d projects on display to d UiTM lecturers

Monday, 12-Oct-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...raya-ing around n b'day too...lagiii

...kami enggak seludup kretek Pak...
BgDin's pengkalan house...smokehh...BBQ punye hal
today...another b'day in da haus

last Saturday...we were at BangDin/BangAna's open house @ their pengkalan outpost. Looks like it has been a tradition since last year...for their open house to be packaged with boat ride!! [...menjadi pulak d panning shot with my old S2 snapper nihh....]

I know...I know...I thought that it would felt glamorous ala Baywatch or at least Miami Vice...hihi. So this must be how d infamous off-Somali pirates felt...but at least they looked cool with their AK47 n RPGs. BTW, my Sayang looked tersengih je [nak posing punye pasal] but actually tgh takut berdebar-debar internally...

n today....a special tutti-frutti cake for a special someone... is Mak's b'day...alhamdullillah. All of us doakan for Mak dipanjangkan umur n sihat selalu insyaAllah... Altogether noww...Allah selamatkannn [u know d drift...]

Sunday, 11-Oct-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...eid get together n short-term convo

oohh...Convo dah 25 kali rupanye
afternoon...tukar channel haus
...with NMC guys [n gals at d back]
With d many many major events filling up our weekends, we had to manoeuvre swiftly to accommodate our 'much demanded' eid open house. Decided earlier that today is d day n suddenly I got d letter this week 'requesting' for my presence at d convocation ceremony...n to sit on stage pulak tu!! I obliged as it was d session for d graduating planning students...but once they were done...puff...I magically disappeared from d stage while d event was still on. Probably David Blaine-cum-Copperfield pun bole kalah.

With regards to our eid get together-gether, d turn up was great n d weather was very pleasant alhamdullillah. Our schedule showed that we would close shop at 7pm...but biasa la kannn...we were still entertaining our guests even past 10pm. Our menu: home-made nasi lemak [sambal udang n/or bilis], pulut + kuah durian, mee jawa (kuah import from S16 as per normal practice] n various other kueh-mueh. We had fun hosting d guests n hopefully they were happy as well... CAC...these group of people was trapped along with be on stage for this year's convocation

wahh...rare capture get d opportunity to snap this while on stage n from this angle

ok...switch venue n occasion pulak...our open haus. Kaed's delegate on d left n sedara-mara on right table while those just arrived busying themselves getting some food further inside

Dr Zin n wife arriving...tak sangka that they're coming. While Salmi, our Fresno-era friend, was just leaving. His son [in topi] was really into MJ n his face lighted up when I called him Mr. Jackson...hihi

Mak talking to Fuad, Ha [some called him as long lost cousin] n d rest of d geng

Fifi comforting himself on d bench while d table on d right were occupied by our other NMC friends...

...while over in d inside our dining table was conquered by bang Cik n family

wahh...even Wan Hilmi n wife paid us a visit this time...thanks guys. At d back were 2 of my students n walking down d street were Azila's hubby n his brother

n here come d medical brigade...Abg Yahya with a couple of doctors n one doctor wannabe

...this is d group known as 'Geng Baju Belang Kaed'...n their entourage

Along n Kak Cik preparing to leave...with d baby [whose hair is to be cukur next week] in tow

n then came my studio students...n of course I told them d story of d S'ngor MB as my neighbour...hihi

past d scheduled closing time...n we were receiving Misrol n family along with Elyas/Siti n d kids. Nasib baik still got some food for them. Fuhh...a tiring but satisfying day la today!!

Friday, 9-Oct-2009 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...jengok Siti jap...d Sitiawan one

tenyeh...jgn tak tenyeh
...serious listening time
murah rezki n dipanjangkan jodoh insyaAllah

Pheww...this week is a hectic one indeed. Late last week in Kelate...early this minggu in Langkawi...n today we rushed off from our respective offices in d afternoon to Sitiawan...for Ram's akad nikah. As d ceremony was scheduled after Asr, we pressed on [translation: moving uber rapidly] to reach there in time. N ohh...BTW, we didn't bring any map so we had to ask few locals [some of them were blur themselves]. But alhamdullillah we managed to join d rest of our troupe @ Rini's place. Ram, not unlike Angah the other week, needed to lafaz his akad nikah only once. Congrats to Ram n Rini...n welcome to d family for Rini. We made a move back home after Maghrib n managed to reach S7 in good time due to quite light traffic on our route, alhamdullillah

khutbah nikah in session...with Ram n d others paying close attention

...n d lafaz was made by Ram...only once n accepted by d witnesses

alhamdullillah...n d tok imam recited d doa


so it is official...Rini is Ram's now

n Ram is like...tak caya jee...huhu

d ring was slipped onto Rini's finger next...

...close-up sikit

n in xchange...a ring also for Ram

n here is d maskawin

next...its makan time

n of course...foto op for us with d newly-wed couple...

...followed by with d rest of d family

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