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Monday, 10-Apr-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark xcelent weekend with friends

Ina, Reza, pregnant Normazilah & my Sayang...
Luqman & Farhah with their friends from Birmingham Mansfield, Luqman posing in 'hujan batu'
Last weekend was xcelent as we got friends who came over & spent the nite at our place. Early Saturday morning (3.20am), Ina fetched her friend Reza from Heathrow while in the evening Normazilah/Is & family arrived from Birmingham (they brought along variety of things for us...including packed daun pisang!!). Prior to Normazilah & family's arrival, Sharif/Farah & family were already at our place...along with some goodies...bbq chickens..yum yum. So all of us were having a blast... By the way, Sharif shared some xciting news with us...with regards to 'arahan' from his dad...hihi...w...something-something...

On Sunday, we went to Derby's carboot & later to the Designer Outlet in Mansfield...and it looked like Reza, Normazilah & family managed to pick up some stuff. For us, we just bought some books and a nice framed picture at the carboot and some chocolates at the Outlet.

Luqman & Nabil pointing out where we should go next after carbooting in Derby...

Wednesday, 5-Apr-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...Townsville under attack...Power Puff girls...& Pirates too

d monster & pyjama-clad Power Puff girls
Farhah getting ready to leave for school
We were visited by the Power Puff girls today...along with a nasty-nasty monster attacking Townsville, the girls' hometown. But there is some fishy...or may be egg-gy...about it. All these are part of Farhah's entry for the Easter Egg competition in her school. So, four egg shells were used...together with creative assistance of Kak Ngah Awateef & Mak Ngah too.

On the other end of the Bobbersmill Road, Luqman & friends in his class were having a 'Pirate Day' with the class teacher as the ship's captain...siap dgn bandana & celak uuu. Luqman was not interested while preparing to go to school to put anything 'piraty' but came back home with an eye-patch & sailor's hat.

...Farhah arriving at her school with her art-work

...while at Berridge Infant, there are pirates r ya matey...

note: this entry was supposed to be for 6th April 06...ooppps

Tuesday, 4-Apr-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...the cracked wing mirror, CSI: Miami & the World Cup

I was suprised to find our Spacewagon Evo IX's right wing mirror damaged this morning while driving Awateef to school. Upon closer inspection, there was a shoe-print on the other side of the wing mirror and it had been done with such a force that the driver-side window was also scratched from the impact. Hmm...if only I can get Delko's of CSI: Miami assistance in determining the culprit (with Horatio Caine's permission of course)...

But I got the next best thing...I talked & showed the evidence to my neighbour, who is a cop, and he said it might be the garbage man (who did their collection round earlier)... ni ada yg kena sunat ni kang...

...did somebody practicing for upcoming World Cup by kicking our wing mirror

Saturday, 1-Apr-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...a sunny weekend at last

The weather was quite nice over the weekend. On Saturday (1/4), went to see the 318i again...with my Sayang & Hisham (x-Celcom & Royal Mail). Bukan apa...just nak reconfirm...& Hisham pointed out areas involved in the accident...baru nampak sikit sebab siang. For lunch, Malik/Salwani invited a few families for Nasi Kerabu. I went for two rounds...1st for late breakfast...then late lunch...yummmy. The kids took the opportunity to play outside under d relatively bright sunshine. In between that managed to rush to Carlton with my Sayang to collect a freecycle's leather jacket (berat uuu...) and went to Stapleford with Baha, Elias & Elina (Dr Kecik) to inspect a car for the later (...didn't materialise).

Sunday (2/4), and we were at Derby's carboot...dah lama gak tak berkecimpung arena car boot ni...probably about 2 months. Bukan dapat apa pun...just some children's books that my Sayang got...for a home library later. And not to forget Luqman's Beyblade stadium...only for 20p...berdesing balik la beyblade kat rumah nanti. Ohh...speaking of sunny days...its time for Luqman to reinstate his playing buddy...Walid of Sudan...dah lama tak nampak dia...

The kids having having fantastic time main dengan batu, tanah & cacing outside Malik/Salwani's place

Friday, 31-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...operation Zanussi in Mansfield while 318i in Sneinton

Elias (yg kuat mcm Hang Tuah) tunggu nak angkat washing machine
...and it woRKS...fullamak...lepas ni boleh gi kedai mamak
Mansfield was my destination in the collect a free washing machine from d father-in-law of Hasnah 'bungaraya'. has been quite some time since any washing machine has made any noise in our it has been outsourced...either at Elias/Siti's or Malik/Salwani's place. The time has come to end this era then, and, along with Elias, I went to Mansfield, brought it back, got it installed...and works...alhamdullillah. And it turned out that it is a washer/dryer...a pleasant suprise indeed.

Later that nite...came across a Bimmer 318i Auto Tiptronic in Auto Trader...kat Sneinton pulak tu...2002 but only 5500 quids. Eventho dah 9pm lebih...called Yahya...and off we went with Ina. turned out that it was involved in accident b4...a Cat D repair... hmmm too good to be true. Tapi memang bedesuppp...tu belum yg tak kena accident lagi...huu

"I am so please with the 'new' washer/dryer that I goreng some pisangs"

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