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Sunday, 12-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...tazkirah/lunch at Hady/Nurun's place & jengok London jap

semua kusyuk dengar tazkirah...
Airil bagi 'trick question' kat Utz Saleh...acah je
foto ni shaken bcoz d fotografer lapar..
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An invitation from Hady/Nurun saw us converging at their place along with many of our friends in d afternoon. A tazkirah was delivered by Utz Saleh of Leicester, emphasizing on the need to 'mengenal Allah'. This was followed by lunch & it was interesting to note that none of the dishes offered were fried...but kukus or panggang...agaknye bcoz the host/hostess are both medical doctors...hihi. So...take note everyone!! And thanks to Hady/Nurun for the ni you all boleh buat weekly...

After Asr with the rest of the gang, my Sayang & me left for we need to rendevouz with Ti, a flight crew who brought along with her some stuff from back home. Since we need to go & be back in Notts in the shortest possible calls for us to deploy the 'other' car...hoho. At Ti's room, we have the pleasure of sipping some M'sia's Nescafe 'Kow' & nibbling on karipap from KLIA...alhamdullillah. Panjang gak the borak session since it is our 1st meeting dgn Ti. We were off from Kensington at around 8.00 & reached Notts at 10.30...tu pun after tersalah one street since our manual GPS terlelap...

My Sayang with Farah & Utz Saleh's wife at Hady/Nurun's home. By the way, Luqman tu kena baca buku...or else dia join the other kids. That'll be bahaya since dia baru lps sunat recently...congrats

Thursday, 9-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...and the question was asked...abah, is that the fastest car...

Porsche Carrera GT...utk gi kerja
Bugatti Veyron...utk balik kampung
Ferrari Enzo...utk gi pasar
We were lepak-ing in front of the tele the other nite, watching re-run of Top Gear. Suddenly the shot was focussing on a spot moving rapidly on a road somewhere on continental Europe...and automatically Luqman and Farhah was asking me...abah, is that the fastest car in the world? Well...trying to be the abah who knows everything in the world...I adjusted my voice so that it would sound with some sort of authority and said...yes. And they looked at each other and said...see...I told you!!

The car in question is actually Bugatti Veyron (250+mph, 1001 hp, 16-cylinder, 4 turbochargers engine and the price of around 1 million quid only). Being in UK, the TV is blessed with tons of shows dedicated to cars (yippiii..), engineering feats, various documentaries...and reality shows of course. So, more often than not...if I am in front of the idiot box...there'll be a motor-related shows being broadcast...if not the news. By the way, I had initially thinking of placing an order for the Veyron...tapi tak jadi...bcoz fuel price kat M'sia dah naik 30 sen...leceh...leceh betul la.

So, there you you know what the fastest production car in the world is... thanks to the inquisitive kids.

One of the images of the Bugatti Veyron that I managed to ciplak from the net

...but personally, I would be happy enough with an least it can carry real passengers in the back & still performed...schnell...sehr schnell...

Note: The three autos at the top are currently among the fastest in the world

Sunday, 5-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...Mottingham here we come

So did you read that right? Mottingham? What say? Well...actually there is a place called Mottingham somewhere in the south-east of Metropolitan London. We accompanied our friends to check-out a car there today. Travelling there we passed on the Dartford Crossing...a bridge when going south and a tunnel when traveling north. And not to forget the toll...a quid each way my friend. Hihi...murahnye la tol kat sini kalau compared to M'sia (ceteris peribus laa...kalau tak faham...with everything being equal la maknanye). If in M'sia I reckon for this type of facility sure lagi mahal. Ohhh...what about the car...hihi...that's the funny turned out that it is a manual...not an auto...

The bridge that formed part of the Dartford Crossing...taken from the rear windscreen

There you see...Mottingham...sian dia coz overshadowed by the more bling-bling Nottingham

Saturday, 4-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...tahlil & Birmingham's badminton team dropped by

- Al Fatihah -

Few days ago we were sadly informed of Farah's younger brother fatal accident and today we joined a tahlil session organised by Sharif/Farah. The tahlil was held at Yunus/Shikin's place and many of our friends turned up as well. Sama-sama kita doakan semoga roh allahyarham ditempatkan bersama dengan mereka yang beriman, insyaAllah.

Prior to the tahlil session, in the morning we had our badminton friendly against Birmingham and Zairul partnered me. Alhamdullillah Notts won 6-1 and my partnership with Zairul managed to contibute one of these points...eventho thru getah-set ('rubber' set la tuh...). By the way, hero of the day was Elias sebab tangan dia terCABUT tiga kali...yes...tiga kali...masa game tengah on. Nasib baik la ramai pawang tulang patah/trcabut/terkehel kat Notts ni.

Dengar-dengar lepas ni may be there'll be other friendlies...against Sheffield and Manchester pulak...hmm.

Sori la the foto kurang menyerlah...may be becoz of a bit of shake-shake-shake when it was taken

Wednesday, 1-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...and one of Luqman's best friend, Akmal, left for M'sia

Masri giving last pose with the gang in Notts...
...while Mazlan joined us in makan-cum-borak session
Early morning today, Akmal, one of Luqman's best friend, and his family (Mazlan/Masri/Aiman) left for M'sia thru Notts East Midland Airport. We spent some time with them last nite with few other friends, exchanging stories in between suapan makanan and tegukan minuman. It was a pot-luck affairs with pizzas from 3 different outlets, spaghetti from Salwani & my Sayang's instant cucur tepung. Mazlan is going to continue his PhD ambition in UNiM while Masri is suppose to report for duty tomorrow. To Mazlan/Masri & family...selamat berjaya...semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan dipanjangkan umur...we'll meet again, insyaAllah.

The 4 musketeers...or is it stooges - Luqman spending final quality time with Akmal in Notts last nite along with rapid-moving Naqib and Amir.

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