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Monday, 27-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...moh angkat barang-Mazlan/Masri's & Shahrin/Zuraini too

the kids having fun at Mazlan/Masri's open haus
the Stream & Mata Bulat being prepared utk d tambat
Mazlan driving the Stream confidently into d kontena
To those who have been to Mazlan/Masri's house would surely know how much harta karun yang can be found there. The same can also be said for Shahrin/Zuraini. Well...last Friday (24 Feb), upacara angkat barang for these 2 families was held on Hazelwood Road. Many of the usual suspects turned up to lend their hands & energy. At the same time, the hosts were having an open house there...which ran from morning til late at night. By the way, I requested murtabak & it was approved & implemented by the event director...hihi & mucho yum-yum.

If you think that's the end of angkat're wrong. Today I joined a few friends to Derby in order to send Mazlan/Masri's cars for shipping to M'sia. It took some time to fully tambat the cars in d kontena but the method used to drive the autos into it got Sirim's approval...huhu. So it looks like Nizam of PAL will have no problem of getting more clients from Notts later.

In between these 2 angkat barang sessions, we managed to join another farewell makan do at Elyas/Siti's place last nite...right after our usual badminton rituals. Among the dishes were bee-hon soup, nasi himpit+lodeh+sambal kacang, macaroni & cheese and not to forget cucur pisang, the 1st offering yg habis dulu. Tu la Liyas ni...tak nak buat satu tandan...baru la cun...

Various types of furniture can be found in d kontena...that can make a furniture shop's towkeh very proud indeed

The Mata Bulat Avantgarde waiting silently for its place...while the Stream is being tambat in d kontena.

Saturday, 25-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...farewell makan-makan for Mazlan/Masri & family

The ever gracious host, Dr Zainal. Waa...ada air merah-kuning
The ladies tgh warm-up kat dapur b4 moving to d dining room
the kids posing jap kat teratak Ahmad/Min
Mazlan/Masri & kids joined us for breakfast a farewell to them since they're leaving for M'sia next Wednesday. My Sayang prepared amiles-stimulating Nasi Goreng Cina & pulut with sambal tumis ikan bilis and teh tarik as the pelincir (...eventho she's under the cuaca...sian dia...hopefully ok soon, insyaAllah).

Mazlan brought along Zahit, ex-penghulu of NMC who left Notts in 2001 and is here for his viva...well, congrats to him as he passed the final hurdle with only minor correction being required of him.

Later in the day, we joined Mazlan/Masri & kids for another makan-makan session...this time at Dr. Zainal/Kak Yam's place. On offer was Nasi Lemak with pelbagai sambal (udang, bilis, ayam) & kambing...tu belum masuk dessert lagi tuh. Dr. Zainal & wife had just came back from M'sia and told us of their adventure in the Good Janda of Pahang. Afterwards, we headed off to Ahmad/Min's place for another round of makan...where we savoured bee-hoon sup utara and pengat pisang/plantain...yum-yum. As more often than not, Elyas & family were there as well...biasa la kan...

Mazlan, Masri & Zahit took a break from their meals sebab nak posing jap Dr. Zainal/Kak Yam's place...macam-macam ada...

Next we dropped by rumah Ahmad/Min...Ahmad sengih xtra wide coz rumah dia dah lapang sikit...hihi.

Tuesday, 21-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...fancy meeting you in Meadowhall

baru lepas ber'M&S'
makan-makan kat Oasis food court
macam familiar je org2 besi/tembaga nih...
We decided to pick-up Farhah today & made arrangement to meet her and Ina in Meadowhall (Sheffield)...meaning that Farhah spent 2 nites in Leeds. Once arrived in Sheffield however, we didn't get to Meadowhall right away...instead we went to look for a masjid for Zuhr & managed to find one in the Tinsley area (thru google search+asking fellow Muslims we encounted there). In Meadowhall later, we spent some time (and money of course) roaming some of the outlets and left after 1600hrs. Ina went back to Leeds while we headed south to Notts. This trip served two purposes actually...the other one being to warm up the 'other' car...hhmmm.

Luqman leading the way for 'jalan-jalan cari makan'

Monday, 20-Feb-2006 15:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...Luqman's myspace debut...angkara Kak Ngah

View all 6 photos...
Well...while I was having my day in front of final-year students, back home it looks like a foto shoot was in full swing. The subject was Luqman while the fotografer...his Kak Ngah, Awateef. Pelbagai posing was directed onto Luqman...after the compulsory hair-do session of course. We found out later that these fotos have already been uploaded for Luqman's own website. Macam2 bebudak zaman virtual world nihh.... kite ni dulu main lastik senapang kayu je (pakai ceri...tapi kalau geram sangat pakai batu gak) kat semak tepi rumah kengkawan kite

Luqman tengah kontrol hensem...sori la background studio ni horror sikit...hihi

Monday, 20-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...1st teaching stint & fire alarm went off...too hot may be

I was handed a task of handling a 2-hour workshop session for final year students today by my supervisors. Yeaa...I heard your question...why did they do that? Well, actually so that they can go off on a snow-skiing holiday...and they asked me to keep this from the knowledge of our school. Baguih kann!!

So there I was...standing in front of about 70-80 students...briefing them about sustainable urbanisation and the research that I am 'supposedly' doing. I presented a power pt presentation...full with facts, images and animations...fade there...blinds here...zoom everywhere. And you know what...they were actually paying attention & taking notes!!...hihi... After my 30-minute presentation, they were broken up into groups & later each group is to present what they discussed. Interestingly, after my presentation, about 10-20 students left the room...maybe they were totally amazed/amused/confused (take your pick). Anyhow, after 40 minutes, the representatives of the groups highlighted the issues that they had discussed...which I would like to add was quite interesting. During the presentation by the final group, the fire alarm erupted & almost everybody was looking at least that is how I perceived it to be. So, with full sense of responsibility and authority, I asked them to vacate the room & I was the last to leave...

The students & staff were allowed back in half-hour later...but by that time 'my workshop' is already over. So, there you go...another milestone for 1st class & 1st fire alarm on campus...2 in 1...not bad...not bad at all...

The lecture room in question: C11 of the Portland building

Students and staff gathered outside Portland building...but where's the fire!?

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