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Sunday, 19-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...zoom off to Leeds jap...Ina's house-warming

My Sayang tunjuk skill kat dapur
dgn Ina
Ina & Farhah borak2 dgn Asri & Chu
Received a phone call from Ina invitation was her new house's doa selamat later in the day. So to Leeds we zoomed off after Maghrib...and arrived there later than anticipated due to traffic queue on M1. Asri (the timbalan penghulu, or it is former...) was there with his wife too...along with Chu whom we met at Asri's place previously. The food spread was quite lavish...with sumptuous desserts to go along with...cucur udang, cekodok, bubur sum-sum and my Sayang's famous agar2. Farhah stayed over with Ina since it is school break...tah la tu...without TV, internet & what's not...sure ke-boring-an nanti.

Luqman tertidur kat Mama dia...maybe kekenyangan + keletihan

Saturday, 4-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...another year alhamdullillah: Maal-Hijrah in Notts

Utz an xcellent pengisian as usual
my Sayang, Salwani, Ina & Datin posing jap..
..Awateef & geng pulak..
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NMC organised our own Maal Hijrah at the John Carroll Leisure Centre today. The occasion was very well-attended and as usual our Utz Kasy gave his pengisian on the Hijrah and the lessons that we can benefitted from it. Thanks again Utz for all your efforts.

Jamuan ringan followed later with Mee Hoon Soup as the main attraction...prepared by Siti/Min/Elyas/Ahmad. There were other tasteful desserts as well & my Sayang brought her 'newly-acquired-skill' kuih seri muka... which was gone quite fast I might add. Bebaloi beli mircowave baru...hihi.

Afterwards, we stopped over at Elyas/Siti's place together with the families of Ahmad/Min, Sharif/Farah and later Malik/Salwani. One of the best part is that Elyas prepared his kopi tongkat Ali while Sharif and Ahmad managed to get some 'Shahrim's Pizza Hut-prepared' pizzas from Carlton. The kids meanwhile were running amok with various paper-pistol contraptions made by Ahmad...with clean, crisp and never been used A4 papers sponsored by Elyas.

The ladies enjoying some chit-chatting after savouring their meals

Sempat posing dgn Utz Kasy & Nizam jap.

Later at Elyas/Siti's place...the kids & their paper guns with Ahmad the 'gun pusher' producing more weapons for their enjoyment.

Friday, 3-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...swimming lesson & accident

in his Hawaiian shirt...especially worn 4 swimming lesson
Luqman has been enjoying his swimming lesson every Friday as part of his school's curriculum for a few weeks now. Yeaa...I know it's winter...tapi heated pool lah (4 those not in the know anyway). Today however,Luqman came home from his swimming lesson with a bruised right eye. Well...thru d nite Luqman was putting a pack of frozen green peas over his bruised eye... and the following day he is his usual self again, alhamdullillah. So, for Wan/Atuk/Nenek/Aunties/Uncles and cousins back in Mesia...notin' to worry about.

Close-up of Luqman's bruised right eye...courtesy of an incident during his school's swimming lesson

Wednesday, 1-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...resignation tendered

entrance to Boots...biggest company in Notts
D82...our warehouse
my Sayang sempat menyamar & menyambar stuff kat Staff Shop
I officially submitted my resignation from Unipart...effective today. Prior to that, dah few days tak gi kerja coz 'under d cuaca'. Been with Unipart (which operated Boots D82 warehouse) since Oct already about 1 year & 3 months dah. Hmm...lama gak yea. Initially tried to apply for reduce work day/week in order to have more time for writing-up. But when submitted my application in Sept 05, the mgmt said it'll be considered in Jan 06...then enquired in Jan 06...they said to be decided in April. Well...applied for unpaid leave pun...notin' fruitful came off it.

It was quite an interesting environment & experience...for me lah. Managed to meet other Mat Sallehs (UK & Eastern Europe), Africans, Chinese, and other students as well. Tapi tak sempat foto-ing kat dalam...maybe later...hihi.

Sunday, 29-Jan-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...badminton anyone? Lets have a go in L'boro

Notts ladies pair no. 1...
...and no. 2
me in action with Li
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NMC sent a team for a friendly badminton game in Loughborough today. We travelled south in a convoy of about 7 or 8 cars and reached there at about 6pm. The game consisted of 5 men and 2 ladies doubles...and with our diehard supporters in tow. I was paired with Li, and we played the first match as we were seeded as the 'best' pair for Notts (ye la tu...). We were defeated...but not b4 we fought tooth and nail valiantly for each point. Well, our 'excuse' was that I've not played for about a month and the fact that we've never played together b4 didn't make it any better. In the end, NMC won 5-2 (I think that was the final score...). We had a nice jamuan after the game and later left L'boro in a very good feeling indeed...may be bcoz of the game...or it is the food perhaps...hhmm.

Thanks to Hisham for all of these fotos since I didn't bring my camera. Ngancam...bebaloi pakai D70s.

Macam tgh bawak kapcai je ni..

Foto session...Notts & L'boro together.

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