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Saturday, 28-Jan-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...and he's away...Fahim leaving for Malaysia

last Wed...Fahim's last Arnold car boot
ready to go
family foto session outside d house
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Today is another historical landmark for us...yes...our Fahim is leaving for Malaysia in order to continue his studies in form four. This is the 1st time that he'll be away for a long duration from us. We left Notts immediately after Subuh and were in Heathrow less than 2 hours later. On arrival, we had our breakfast together in the car, savouring Nasi Lemak while enjoying the 'lovely' scenery of the Terminal 3's parking facility. When checking-in...suprise..suprise...the allowable luggage has been reduced from 32 kg to 25 kg since last Nov, something which was not updated in Heathrow's website and the signages around the terminal...hhmmm. So...sesi memunggah keluar ensued. Once settled, Fahim was escorted by a nice lady to Gate 5...since he is 'under-age'. Good luck Fahim...enjoy the life in Mesia but don't forget your main mission there...we are going to miss you over here & all of us love you very very much.

Leaving Heathrow, we visited briefly a kenalan in Ilford, NE London. Afterwards, we decided to take another route back to Notts...thru M11-A14-M1. On d way, we jenguk Cambridge kejap...a place we 1st visited back in 1991...we were together with Fahim and he was only 6 months old the way, he has a major 'pupu' there...susah gak nak cari tempat to clean him up...that's y ingat til now. B4 reaching Cambridge, we called Zul, our timbalan penghulu & student of Cambridge, enquiring on places to visit. Well...Cambridge really is a Univ town with almost everything revolving around the instituion.

Leaving Cambridge, I was ultra sleepy so I had to use my half-open eyes driving another words...driving while sometimes tersenggok-senggok. Alhamdullillah we reached Notts safely and went straight to bed after Isya'. At about midnight, my mobile was Fahim...and he too has safely arrived in KLIA...alhamdullillah. Well...things definitely'll be different without him around.

And while in Cambridge, I saw a number of birds on the Univ ground (last foto above) common thing was that all of them ni tunduk je...may be they were sad as well........bcoz Fahim is now in Mesia.

final family foto session kat luar rumah b4 leaving 4 Heathrow

Fahim menyorong harta-karun...later to be punggah out coz xces weight

On a bridge in the King's College premises

King's College framed by winter's leafless trees

Friday, 27-Jan-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark toy arrived & d previous one unlocked

Fahim tgh bodek Midon tolong unlock-kan fon 6230i..
..while my Sayang & Dalina gave moral support
Fahim's last solat Jumaat in Notts
My new toy arrived yesterday...a Sony Ericsson K750i. I took the plunge to acquire it for 2 reasons; one, Fahim wants to bring a mobilefon back to Mesia ("Bah...nak handfon utk Mesia Bah"...asik kedengaran since few months back), and two, I was looking for a mobilefon with good camera as a back-up to my Canon S2. It turned out that there is an offer for this phone...where at the end of contract...I'll be paying only a total of GBP60. So my Nokia 6230i was handed over to Fahim, after it was unlocked by Sifu Midon...and I have a new toy to play with.

(all fotos above by K750i...those in Midon/Dalina's place...without flash...kira ok gak la)

The new and the 'previous' (not old) one... (macam gambar dlm e-bay pulak)

Tuesday, 24-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...jengok Leeds singgah Sheffield hinggap Aspley

memasang cadar d bilik rumah baru Ina
Ina & mates with my Sayang
kereta pinjam...coz own car MOT belum 'on'
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We headed to Leeds in the morning to send Ina to her new place as she needs to register in her Uni tomorrow.** Arrived in Beeston, Leeds, where her housemates had just moved into the house the night b4. Met 2 of her mates, Ida & Yani, while another one, Faiz was away for a job intvw. Good luck with your studies and make us all proud... insyaAllah.

On d way back, spent some time (& money of course) at Meadowhall of Sheffield (alaa...the one next 2 M1 tuuu...). Had lunch there...ronda2 jap... and ran into Bob 'the container man'. Bob was busy buying a few football/rugby kits for his friends in Mesia... "kawan niaga kecik2"...baguih la tuu... Back in Notts, singgah Malik/Salwani's place to return their car & to pick up Awateef. While there sempat pekena pizza, nasi+ayam+kicap & kopi susu. Faiz joined us later...& sesi berefleksolgi pun berjalan... Dia tanya "sakit tak?"...& dia sendiri jawap "tak sakit kannn" ...while he is smiling of course... And yg diurut pun kenala smile aje ekk (johor style laa...).

Ina was supplied with 1 flask of teh tarik & setengah pek biskut garibaldi...posing with Ida (dark blue-Sarawak girl...sedara Camelia kott) & Yani (red-going back Mesia this Sunday...2 get kahwin)

sempat posing dgn the 'Steel Men of Sheffield' kat Meadowhall...foto di snap dgn ehsan Bob

** please see

Sunday, 22-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...welcome back to Notts & Baha/Awin's makan2

...welcome back to Notts
d kids playing around b4 going 2 Baha/Awin's place
suap tetap suap...tapi jgn lupa posing dgn host...Baha
We went to pick up my sister, Ina, from Broadmash today after she had touched down in Heathrow earlier in the morning. Unfortunately her 'check-in' luggage couldn't be found which left her with just the two bags that she took on-board as carry-on luggage... hopefully the missing one will turn up later, insyaAllah.

For lunch we were invited to Baha/Awin's place (probably as a farewell for Fahim whose gonna fly home next week). must be said that the huge spread prepared were really mouth-watering...nasi ayam, 2 types of fried chicken, steak with black pepper source, salad, oven-baked nasi himpit (Tengku Mona's creation I'm told..) and desserts/fruits. A number of friends were there as well...making it an even more lively occasion...alhamdullillah.

By the way, I forgot to make one entry recently...for 17/01/06 (backdated laaa), check it out.

My sister at Broadmash...minus her luggage.

Enjoying the food with the hostess, Awin...while Roslli paying close attention to the task at hand in d background

Saturday, 21-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...Merc C200 or washing machine...tough question indeed

at Watford Gap Service area
enjoying coffee, hot choc., etc...
the boys posing while enjoying their drinks...
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We travelled south this morning, together with Malik/Salwani & kids after breakfast at their place (nasi goreng ayam + kopi O). We went down to Watford Gap service area & later to Hemel Hempstead and over there we terjumpa one Merc C200 Avantgarde...hihi. Anyhow, nothing productive came out of the terjumpaan & back in Notts, laksa Johor awaited us...courtesy of Faiz who had called us earlier and insisted that we must join him coz he's lonely (acah je Faiz...tapi while there for 1/2 hour...bederet-deret SMS in/out between Notts & Mesia...sian dia). The laksa was good but I needed to rush to work...tapi sempat gak la pekena 2 round.

After work, we went to fetch Elyas from Ahmad/Min's place...sebab nak mintak dia tolong angkat washing machine. But...sempat pulak pekena murtabak at their place while my Sayang had nasi + ikan 'bakar'. (I was told later that while borrowing the trolley from Sharif/Farah in the afternoon (for the washing machine laaa...bukan nak angkat Italian furniture), my Sayang sempat sampling some roti jala...melepasss aku...sebab tgh kat tempat kerja). The washing machine in question was Zaimi/Helina's, who sold it to us as they'll be going back to Mesia soon. After getting it back to our place with the help of Elyas (...coz dia ni pegang portfolio Kebajikan NMC...hihi), we found out that its door couldn't be opened while everything was working masa kat Zaimi/Helina's place. Hmmm...sabo je la aku...

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