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Wednesday, 18-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...nasib baik ada RAC while ayam tergolek later

Paul preparing the Evo IX for towing..
tyre secured...checked
strap on...checked... Off we go
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Today our Mitsubishi Spacewagon Evo IX couldn't start in the morning...when I was trying to send Awateef to school. Luckily managed to pinjam Mazlan's Honda Stream (not the E240 laa..). Then called RAC and 2 patrol vans came to the rescue. The 1st ascertaining that our Evo IX needs to be taken to a garage (org Mesia cakap workshop/mekanik) and the 2nd one was required as the 1st wasn't equipped with towing capability. The 2nd van was driven by a dude named Paul, and goreng punye goreng, found out that his mum visited Mesia few months back...& enjoyed it very2 much. Our car was taken to Majeed's place in Sneinton and quite a long time past b4 the needed part, the distributor cap, arrived. Susah gak kalau nak pakai exotic car macam Evo IX nihh...hihi...coz spare parts nye pun exotic sama... kena special order.

Once done, on d way back home...dapat lak call from Azman...ajak dinner...his xcuse was masa eid adha hari tu food tak cukup quota. So in the evening, we dropped by Azman/Ida's place, & few other 'usual suspects' were there too. On offer were nasi goreng kerabu, ayam 'ter'golek, in addition to kueh cara...rasa macam makan kat kedai Siam in Gombak pulakk.. Nak tau sedap ke tak...kita ni tambah 3 kali jee... alhamdullillah. Much later, we brought Awateef to QMC's emergency dept as she's been complaining about her foot. We went back at around 1.15am... hopefully she'll get better soon, insyaAllah.

...Houston...we are ready for blast off...(background kena pakai soundtrack from Armageddon)

Tuesday, 17-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...sandwich anyone - Luqman's first

Today saw Luqman's first foray into the world of food he prepared his first sandwich in his class and brought it home for us to admire. Interestingly enough, the ingredients used for this sandwich were quite special consisted of slice cheese, raisins, grapes, cucumber and bread of course. Luqman said that the arrangement of these ingredients is suppose to look like someone's face...hhmm....go figure....

And guess who ended up savouring this sandwich later...Luqman himself of couse!!

Luqman beaming proudly of his sandwich while receiving a big 'thumb up' from Mama

Sunday, 15-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...our final eid adha in Notts-Part II (covering 14/15 Jan 06)

1st stop: Malik/Salwani's place with laksa Klntan 4 breakfast
next on menu: test-drive Mazlan's Merc E240 Avantgarde
...the vehicle in question (wow..40-series tyres)
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The weekend is here and a few families invited us for a Ziarah raya & Makan2 as usually practised in the past. The 'M' word of course has a very significant pull factor and we obliged them without any hesitation, objection nor scrutinization...(fuiyyoo...big words tuhh)

Saturday itself started with laksa Kelantan at Malik/Salwani's place...sedap hingga menjilat sudu youuu. Mazlan & Faiz were already there 'testing' the safety of the food for our consumption...thanks for their sacrifice!! The best part is that Mazlan brought along his recently-acquired Merc E240 since my lesen is 'sikit bawah' from helicopter pilot...kenala test drive. Sedap...hingga menjilat steering...sampai ada reminder pulak from somewhere in the car..."jangan bawak lajuuu"..ooppss. After that it was Malik's turn...and...confirmed...another E240 AV will be there...soon.

Next we managed to singgah rumah Yahya/Fauziah, pekena pulut with ayam, daging, cakes (home-made youu) & fruits. Then off we went to Zul/Ita's place (the official residence for Timb Pnghulu), & sempat rasa nasi minyak & the accompanying dishes. Next stopping point was the home of Utz Kasy/As and there Utz's famous Nasi Berlauk was on offer, in addition to other mouth-watering desserts. We moved a few doors down to Baha/Awin's place afterward and dapat mrasa mee hoon soup while Majalah 3 coverage on 2004's tsunami was on tv...a good pengajaran for all of be thankful for everything, alhamdullillah. Tapi dalam pada tu sempat gak Baha buat persembahan Satuday Night Fever (foto above), sebijik macam Trabota but slightly wider (huhu...gurau je Baha). Our final stop for the night was Sharif/Farah's house and we enjoyed mee hoon soto with pegedil along with teh tarik Maulana 786. Managed to meet Li (attached with Ptronas) from London & discussed about our business plan in Malaysia later...nak bukak a few (minimum of 7) off-shore drilling platforms...fuiiyyoo...sapa interested boleh la beli your share sekarang...(acah je).

Today (Sunday 15/01) Malik/Salwani & kids joined us for breakfast. My Sayang prepared goreng pisang, nasi lemak, sambal bilis and the usual accompanying dishes. Memang sedap sehingga menjilat lapik meja!! Afterwards the four of us ronda city centre jap for nyopping sikit. The end-product are some backpacks (90% discount jee..huhu) for the kids use in Mesia later...tak banyak pun we all beli...kalau combined ada la dlm 12 backpacks in total...we all ni bukannye apa...niat nak tolong kemaskan outlet tu. Ziarah-wise, we later went to Paiza/Zimah's place and on offer are nasi dagang with ayam and ikan in addition to desserts (memang dah lama tak pkena ND nihh). Then we travelled to Sneinton...dropped by Azman/Shida's house and kat situ terjumpa satay, spaghetti (me think it is bologna-style) and pelbagai kuih.

All in all...another great eid celebration for us in Notts. Thanks to everyone who have made this another meaningful occasion for all of us. it is back to serious business (ye ke serious nihh..), what else if not our studies. Til next time...

Farhah & gang enjoying their meals under the staircase at Zul/Ita's place

The ladies exchanging pleasanteries while savouring Nasi Berlauk at the home of Utz Kasy/As

Tuesday, 10-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...our final eid adha in Notts

eid takbir the nite b4 at our place
eid solat...takbir led by penghulu
kusyuk dgr khutbah
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We celebrated Eid Adha today, alhamdullillah. The celebration started last nite with takbir being held at 5 houses, but I managed to join the last three only after finishing off from work at 8.30pm. Following the practice of the last Eid Fitr, Solat for Eid Adha was held among Malaysians. This time it was held at the Noel Street Leisure Centre with a huge turn-out. As usual, the solat was led by Utz Kasy who later delivered a very meaningful khutbah. It was a very festive affairs, more so with a post-solat potluck jamuan enjoyed by all of us.
Afterwards, together with Malik/Salwani & family, we managed to ziarah raya five families; Junaidi's, Shahrim's, Mazlan's, Azman's and Raza's. We head home b4 6pm as we are having our own open house, together with Mazlan/Masri. This being our final raya here, it is even more meaningful as this may likely be the last occasion that we can gather all of our friends at the same time. As anticipated, the turn-out was great and very lively, alhamdullillah. By the way, kesian with my Sayang coz the sambal kacang (with chickens pulak tu..) she cooked the nite b4 turned bad . Anyhow, as usual she persevered and...presto!!...suddenly there appeared sambal tumis ikan bilis as an alternative. has been another great celebration... eventho I was 'dibawah cuaca' (translate la sendiri..), eid must be celebrated...and as Utz Kasy mentioned in his khutbah...eid adha should be celebrated even more than eid fitr...insyaAllah.

the ladies and their usual after eid solat group foto

the boys took a breather daripada berlari sana-sini to pose 4 camera

our stairs seem to be one of the favourite spots 4 foto-taking

the guys berenti gossiping kejap coz nak control hensem 4 camera

Saturday, 7-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...more shoes to sepah in da haus

Luqman & Amir sempat main kejar2
Awateef & Farhah making selection...
...while Luqman flashing by
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One of the eagerly anticipated events by Malaysians in Nottingham is the Sports Warehouse annual sale, where all the shoes in the store are half-price. Anyway, the sale started yesterday and info from the grapevines said that some of our friends have commenced with their memborong semalam. Not wanting to miss the boat...and with this being the last chance for us to get involve, we made our way to the store in the Lace Market area. And suprise, suprise...a few Malaysian families were already there with their 'collections'. We bought something for everyone in the family...xcept for me...bukan apa...tak jumpa yg bekenan di hati...may be tomorrow...or the day after...or...

the end-product of today's outing...not bad kannn...

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