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Wednesday, 28-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...are we really in Nottingham?

Awateef zooming past...
posing jap..konon2 kat Swiss Alps la tuhh
Yahya nak represent Msia next Winter Olympic
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Nature continues to dump more snow onto Nottingham and it is the heaviest we've seen for the last 3 years. By the way...received a phone call in the is Yahya (who followed weather forecast closely...bukan sebab apa...sebab nak main golf), who told us to head down to Forest Field & have some fun in the snow. Upon hearing the 'f' word...of course we couldn't resist it...and we were there few moments later frolicking in the snow...

Luqman & Farhah trying out the downhill sled

foto call: snow-covered Forest Field

Tuesday, 27-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...snow-blanketed Nottingham

Luqman teman-ning Mama in Next
Tapi tak beli ape2 pun...
Farhah, Luqman & Aiman enjoying themselves
The snow made its presence felt today in Nottingham. It is quite Notts standard that is...& the kids took the opportunity to experience it. Since winter sale is in full gear, we made the beeline to Ikea Retail Park, ronda2 in Ikea (lunch sekali dgn Azman/Ida & family), Next & Decathelon, b4 dropping by Arnold in the afternoon.

Snow and more snow...scenery in front of our house

Monday, 26-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...Farhah's birthday/Boxing Day

Farhah dgn Ana & Lisa
Luqman posing with Adan & Ian
...the mamas pun nak foto-ing gak
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Farhah's turned 10 today & we went to the city centre just to soak the Boxing Day atmosphere. Well, actually there's not much to see with many of the outlets not open for business but still a lot of people thronged the city centre. While there, we met Penghulu & family, Roslan/Mimah & kids and Sharif/Farah (who escaped the kids...lepas bagi rasuah cd for PS2 game...hihi). Later that nite Sharif, Farah & Luqman dropped by, bringing along with them hot pizzas & a big serving of, macam biasa...another kunyah & cit-cat session

Birthday gurl Farhah & mom in front of our castle/casa

Farhah & Luqman enjoying another outing in the city

Sunday, 25-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...jengok Leeds jap we come
..syoknye jumpa org se department
Faiz tak bagi org lain ambik dulu..
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It is Xmas today & we travelled north, to Leeds for a day-trip. Firstly coz nak tengok the area for Ina, my sis, who is going to further her study there next month insyaAllah. Secondly coz we've never been there & my Sayang has a collegue studying in Leeds: Asri (timbalan penghulu for Leeds by the way). We were joined by Malik & family, Faiz & his nephew, Syafiq/Boy. At Asri's place in Harehill, Leeds, we had a long chat with Asri/wife & their friends...and not to forget a well-spread lunch prepared by Kamarul & company...yummy yum yum. Next on the agenda was ronda2 the city centre & we managed to cover the Town Hall, Leeds Metrolopitan Univ, Univ of Leeds, in addition to the Civic Hall.

Back in Notts later, we had nasi lemak...that we originally brought for the trip with us...again, another yummy event with sambal sotong & bilis. Well...this has been a great Xmas break...good trip...great people...excellent makan...alhamdullillah.

Posing kat Univ of Leeds

In front of Asri's place; Farhah & Luqman enjoying the view from the sunroof of our Spacewagon Evo IX

a police patrol car zooming by the Civic Hall (...agaknya ada sesapa yg Xtra mabuk for Xmas somewhere in the city) : foto - 0.5" exposure

Saturday, 24-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...are we having fun yet...

...Luqman & Farhah waiting for Mama
...Mama pulak waiting for cashback
cam ni la rasa naik heli...
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It is Xmas eve today & many businesses will be closed for a day or two from tomorrow. We decided to do some grocery-shopping at Asda West Bridgeford...but this time we couldn't take the opportunity of getting clearance items (usually held few hours b4 closing time) as I need to go to work in d afternoon (...2 til 6pm as it is Xmas eve). Stopped by at Rushcliffe on the way it got a playground with new equipment. Since it is not that cold today (high of 10 C today), Farhah & Luqman managed to test the "fun and fuiiyyoo factor" of the new contraptions...

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