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Friday, 23-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...jom angkat barang: Roslan/Mimah

...hoi, bawak chesterfield tuhh..
..nyorok balik kontena...& mengunyah
...utk ni susah sikit nak dapat AP
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'Angkat barang' activity was carried out today at Roslan/Mimah's place. Looks like not all of their stuff can be placed into the 40-foot container. But, at least they somehow have classified their belongings into few categories & those that were later taken out from the container were Mimah's 'Grade C goods"... So all their A & B Grade stuff made it (including the Merc E200 and the various Italian furnishings of course...).

...Mimah closely monitoring the 'angkat barang' activity from inside the container

..."patutnye yang 3-seater tu letak atas & display cabinet tu sengetkan sikit"

pemerhati Pertubuhan Bangsa2 Bersatu (United Nations)....

Thursday, 22-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
..meandering among the Xmas shoppers: downtown Notts...lagiii...

...dekat Xmas tree
...dekat Xmas castle
...dgn Sherwood
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This is the second time within a week that we ronda2 kat Notts city centre, bukan apa...tapi today is the 1st day of Xmas school break for the pusing2 kejap laa. Spent some time kat Victoria Centre & the surrounding area...with a few foto opportunities with Xmas tree, castle, Santa on sleigh with Rudolph, & the mascot for Nottingham Forest (the football club for those not in the know...), si Sherwood tu pun ada. Singgah jugak jap kat McD...biasa la, the kids ni keluar rumah kejap je dah kelaparan. We were joined by Nadia while Awateef didn't come along sebab slept over kat rumah her friend Lisa.

...kunyah2 & minum2 jap kat McD...not bad gak the ambiance of the eating area for this McD

Sunday, 18-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...petronas truck in Derby?

Saw this interesting looking truck with the familiar Petronas green livery & logo in Derby, right next to the site for car boot we visited this morning... Anyhow, Mr. Foggerty is nowhere to be the near-by Donnington Park race circuit perhaps...

Saturday, 17-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...meandering among the Xmas shoppers - downtown Notts

Notts Xmas Market at the Old Market Square
...Salvation Army band playing some tunes
AntiWar demo...making their voices heard

It seems that christmas shopping is in full swing with many businesses looking at it as a 'make or break' period that significantly affecting their annual performances. Christmas, as any other festivities, is heavily commercialised and with presents to be given out to friends and relatives, it really is big business. It is the same in Nottingham, with people maxing (or even overmax..) their credit limits, while commercial outlets trying to outdo each other in encouraging the consumers to consume their offerings. Well...since it is our last Xmas here (insyaAllah), we were in Nottingham city centre today...just to see for ourselves the going-ons...

...enjoying the chilly afternoon in downtown Notts (menggelatuk lutut youuu...)

Sunday, 11-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...test power kat driving range

Pagi tadi sempat gak gi car boot kat Derby jap, bukan apa, the main thing nak cari winter coat 4 Luqman. Cari punye cari, dapat la satu, sepound je lepas negotiate. Dah balik rumah later, dapat lak one call. Dari Azman (geng Boots la tu)...bukan apa...dia ajak test power kat golf driving range. Teringat pulak nak test kayu2 yg Jamalulail bagi hari tu. So, off we went along with Fahim...

left: Fahim's punye swing dgn kaki terangkat dia. right: dlm foto ni Azman swing cam gi jauh je tapi sebenarnya bola landing tak sampai 6 kaki dari dia...hehe...(main2 je Man...)

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