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Friday, 13-Apr-2007 12:00 Email | Share | Bookmark Opah

Tuesday...d ambulance arrived at my parent's place
later...Opah in HTAR along with anak2 & cucu2 of d doctors talking 2 my Mom
Thurs, Opah to be taken to Sg Belukang...
...after solat jenazah
preparing to kebumikan Opah
...menutup liang lahad
selesai pengkebumian...semoga Opah selamat menemuiNya
Opah arrived in Shah Alam last Sunday for her eye check-up scheduled for Thursday (12/04/07). On Tuesday afternoon, however, she had problem breathing and an ambulance was called. We were just dropping Awateef off for her tuition at d time and raced to my parents' place straight away. D ambulance arrived few minutes later and the personnel, Fakharuddin, Nazrin & d driver (didn't get his name) on board managed to stabilised Opah and later took her to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang. We also rushed to d hospital after settling d kids' tuition arrangement. Eventho it was passed visiting time, Opah had many visitors, more than a a dozen if i'm not mistaken. Unfortunately, Opah had to be placed on d aisle of d ward as d beds were full.

On Thursday afternoon, we again paid a visit to see Opah along with Awateef. This time Opah is already allocated a place in d 1st class with d help of Along Suli (my Sayang's cousin). Opah was her usual self, we were talking...but I could hear that she was breathing quite I told her to rest & not to talk too much. She acknowledged that she found it tiring to talk. Later my mom prepared Opah's dinner provided by d hospital. Opah was eating regularly until after a number of suapan...suddenly Opah tersedak and it was very hard for her to breath. We called d medical personnel near by...and a doctor assisted by 2 nurses attended to her. I was told at one point, Opah's face turned blue. The doctor drew d curtain and we could hear him & his assistants trying very hard to revive Opah. I think this went on for about 20 minutes. Another doctor came over and after reviewing d situation...he asked who d waris is...and informed us that Opah's lungs were not functioning and chance of survival is low. Opah selamat pulang ke rahmatullah at around 6.45pm. At d time, my parents & Eyo were there, along with Uteh, Mak Uteh & one of their daughters as well as Cik. Later, Along Suli managed to secure d service of d hospital's van to take Opah back to Sg Belukang. It was quite unbelievable, as Opah was merrily talking to us just a few moments ago...and now she's gone...

So, today, we left for Sg Belukang early in d morning & my Sayang's mom joined us as well. We arrived after 9am and many of my relatives were already there, some arriving in d early hours of d morning. There was a huge turn out from d surrounding area for ziarah...and solat jenazah was performed after solat Jumaat. I think that there were more than 100 persons joined in d solat jenazah and d wooden floor of Opah's house creaking here & there to support d weight of d jemmaah. We used Abah's Pajero to take Opah to d tanah perkuburan. Opah had to be placed in a simple casket as d liang lahad was filled with water, which is a common phenomenon in this area. Semoga roh Opah ditempatkan bersama-sama dengan orang2 yg beriman dan beramal solih. AlFatihah...

Tuesday (10/04/07)...Fakharuddin & Nazrin attending to Opah while Abah sat nearby

Later that nite, at d TAR Hospital, Opah was placed along d aisle of Ward 7 as all the beds were occupied. One of d doctors were checking on Opah while another doctor was talking to my Mom.

This is Opah's room in d 1st class ward...that's her name...Majidah Aki

The relatives and neighbours came out in drove to ziarah at Opah's place

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