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Tuesday, 10-Jul-2007 12:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
...espana - sevilla - cordoba

leaving our apt n heading for Sevilla
in lost in its narrow streets
lunch at Jardines de Murilla
one of d historical building in d Jarnines
a monument for Isabella (d Queen) with a gallion in d middle
another view of Sevilla
u can see lots of courtyards in d park
view of buildings from d park
...small door...big door 10 door
...door with more colours
d Giralda...built on a minaret
another angle to d Giralda
posing outside d Cathedral
...kat Convento de la Encarnacion (rasanye) pulak
My Sayang n Siti in d Gift Shop
nice ceiling ehhh...
track ade...tapi tramnye tak de...belum start kott
no pasar...memang tak jumpa pasar pun (pasar=entry)
posing dgn pintu besar
pelepah kat balcony...nak halau spirit kott
details of d arch
details on d door...Muslim's
Elyas n Siti pun nak record d details gak
wider view of d details...
some of d shops...ada kain rentang utk redupkan suasana
Muslim-favoured geomatric design in detailing
Notice about restoration work
dgn mail box pun nak posing gak
more water feature...Puerta de Jerez
nanti kat rumah nak water feature cam tu
another water feature...aesos=tandas...nice kann
aku pun panas...nak masuk water feature nihh...
water feature jugak...truck watering d streets
along Guadalquivir River...Torre del Oro (12th century Moorish)
penat...pekena air n ice cream kat McD
former residence of Moorish chiefs...Alcazares
next...onward to Cordoba
there it is...Masjid Cordoba
one of d facades
arabic carving/writing still legible
more details...
for rainy days...pancuran air
d tower...formerly a minaret
details on door-similar to Sevilla but with crucifixes added
huge door
Moorish style...similar to Sultan Abd Samad bldg in KL
inside d masjid
my Sayang nak pose jugak
...d courtyard...
details of 2 differently treated walls
...probably d original wooden planks used in d masjid
posing next to d door
with d security...dah tu dia bagi salam
foto-ing outside d masjid
yeaa...dah dapat souvenir
kedai kat alley ni cheaper..than those opposite d masjid
Elyas n Siti masih teruskan pemilihan...
this PYT nak sedekah kat Mamat Cello tu
Elyas teringat kuda2 kat kampung
this bldg is just opposite d masjid n on d way to d bridge
...d Roman bridge
fuhh...letih dah...time to go back to Granada
We travelled about 250 km westward toward Sevilla, d capital of Andalucia, this morning. Sevilla (derived from Ixbilia as it was called by d Moors) was d main port to d New World after d discovery of America (1492). Driving into d city, we got lost n were trapped in its narrow streets and acute angle intersections, especially for an MPV like Zafira (n many other tourists got caught too). My Sayang n Elyas got to get out n helped me in manouvering d car. I was later told that both of them were convinced that there is no way that we can make it out...but I just smiled n make it happened...confident tuhh...lagi pun kereta sewa kann...hihi.

Once we parked d car, we had lunch at Jardines (garden/park) de Murillo. By d way, parking bay in Spain is quite narrow, so your ability to manouver d car is essential. With narrow streets and parking spaces, no wonder we observed that many cars in Spain, even new ones, tend to have a lot of scratches. The main attraction in d city is its Cathedral n Giralda tower, the later was built onto d minaret of Masjid Almohad (1180s). There were a lot of sculptured figures added to d building but here n there we can still observed some arabic calligraphy. We also spent some time walking along Avda de la Constitucion and part of Guadalquivir River. It was quite hot n dusty n we saw water trucks plying d streets to wet the roads n reduce flying dust.

Later, we moved about 140 km to Cordoba to visit its famous Masjid (established in 785). Unfortunately, after spending quite a long time in Sevilla, we arrived there quite late and d entry to d Masjid was about to be closed. However, we managed to persuade d guards to let us in just to take some photos. D guards, somehow, knew that we are Malaysians and could differentiate us from Indonesians...they said that one always come in big group while d other as individual or just few persons...I don't know which one is which. The Masjid in Cordoba is now called Cordoba Mosque-Cathedral, but we observed that most of the original work by d Muslims were left untouched as compared to d one in Sevilla. But there were various sculptures erected by d Christians including on d former Minaret for d Masjid. There is also a Roman Bridge (Puente Romano) not far from d Masjid n it is undergoing restoration.

Afterward we headed back to our base in Granada, a drive of about 230 km. We decided to take d shorter but one-lane route...just to practice my passing a manual (tak main la auto) left-hand drive car...hihi. It was a fun drive...flat...then hilly...and lots of sweeping tak lah ngantuk. By d time we arrived outside Granada, it was already dark...n since it was quite nite walk-about for us tonite.

In Sevilla...ramainye awek-awek berkeliaran melawat tempat ni

More shops and another historical building, Iglesia de El Salvador (on d left)

Cordoba...this guy played d cello right outside d Masjid...but by that time most of tourists dah tak de

Nadia n Tasya teman-ing my Sayang shopping for souvenirs

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