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Tuesday, 25-Nov-2008 12:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
...Sg Melaka...Venice it is not...yet[?]

d banner @ Hotel Mahkota
this is not Ali Rustam
river cleaning in progress
Got a letter from d Dean late last week on a seminar by JPBD Melaka on 'Sungai Melaka Venice of the East'. With many of d dept's staff on leave, I opted to go as I have an interest in river management. My Sayang came along with me n we reached Hotel Mahkota [where d seminar is held] at about 7pm last nite. After ceq-in, we ronda2 @ Dataran Pahlawan n had dinner there. Looking at d vicinity, it was noticeable that most of d tourist attractions were not lighted up...a Formosa for instance was in total darkness. May be they want to jimat their budget kott.

D seminar itself was supposed to be officiated by d Chief Minister but we were told that he is in S'pore with all Melaka's ADUNs but one. D one ADUN, of Sg Rambai, replaced d CM in officiating d seminar n his favored statement seemed to be "...saya amat kagum dengan Dato' Seri Ali Rustam"...hihi.

He added that he has seen how Melaka has benefited from DSAR's n he was sure that d whole of Malaysia will feel d same if DSAR is accepted as UMNO's Deputy President...wahhh...power punye statement ooo. Anyhow, d discussion within d seminar was quite interesting too n include a river cruise along Melaka River in d afternoon. Hopefully d intention of making Sg Melaka as a major tourist attraction will bear fruit when d project is fully completed. was almost Maghrib when we reached Air Keroh

After ceq-ing in, we headed to d Dataran Pahlawan area...n this Stamp Museum is d only one attraction that was lighted up. With DSAR having link TNB*...probably all d tourist magnets should be well lit.

The Jetty was just a stone throw away from our was quite colorful at nite but we didn't venture out onto it

Early today...while waiting for d seminar to start...snapped this Masjid Selat Melaka accross d bay. I think d other structures on that reclaimed piece of land are yet to be occupied...what a waste

One quick look n it looked like a fancy-schmancy Belgium candy...until u notice d tentacles...then only u realise that it is a member of d beach-based slimey 'slug' family

While d morning part of d seminar involved paper presentation n panel discussion, d afternoon session consisted of site visit n a boat cruise along Sg Melaka

Other than observing d infra upgrading works along d river, we were also informed that property owners along d river were given incentives for d upkeep of their buildings...with emphasis being given to encourage double-frontage structures. This is an attempt to ensure that it is not d less attractive rear side of d property that is lining d river banks

This anak-beranak were looking for ancients coins and other valuable artifacts in Sg Melaka. We were informed that those who were serious in this endeavor can earn up to RM5k monthly...not bad ehh. BTW, d wall next to d boy is d original one dated as far back as during d Dutch era of Melaka...n that is d 17th century if u know your history lesson well

Foto op for me n my Sayang on d 'love boat' of Sg Melaka

This is d Heritage area of Melaka...most of d buildings have been brought up to mark n even d pedestrian walkway is oredi usable for d visitors

Our driver-cum-tourist guide informed me that d items being jemur were not sotong kering as I had initially suspected. They were 'perut ikan' [no idea what type of ikan though] that d Chinese believed have some medicinal n healing properties

One of d traditional houses within d only Malay community in Bandar Melaka...Kampung Morten. D infra works in this part were still in progress...ksian gak with d orang kampung who have to put up with d many constructions for some duration. With a langsir like that it can be like 'hari raya' everyday

Took this while on d bus from d boat jetty going back to our hotel. This is near d old Dutch buildings if I am not mistaken...n come to think of it, I have never ronda-ronda in this area. Next time perhaps...

* he was with TNB or formerly known as LLN before

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