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Sunday, 11-Jan-2009 18:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
...on d road again...Sg Petani n surroundings..Pt 1 Jitra...sembang time
Earlier today... blast from d past

We traveled north on Friday morning as students of my studio will be studying 4 sites in d Sg Petani [SP] area. D students departed yesterday along with 3 URP staff. Prior to ceq-in in SP, we lajak to Jitra 1st...paying a visit to xNotts Yahya/Fauziah...n Adnan/Azah joined us as well. On Saturday we visited all d study sites while on Sunday, we attended a briefing by MPSP. We ceq-out afterward but took a detour thru Kota Kuala Muda [KKM], one of d sites of 2004 tsunami disaster. All in all, for this trip we covered Bukit Merah, Jitra, SP, Gurun, Jeniang, Sik, Lembah Bujang, Tanjung Dawai, Pantai Merdeka, Pulau Sayak [it is not an actual island] n KKM.

Friday...brenti @ Bukit Merah jap while on d way to SP...just to see what's d progress there. Well...not much has happened...but noticed some of d apartment units have been advertised as 'homestay' units...which is normally more applicable to a village/rural settings. Maintenance-wise...a bit down hill gak.

Exit @ SP North jap as d low fuel light has been on for quite some time n due to d absence of d regular R&R this far north. N gak SP ni with least as what being advertised here laa....

We reached Yahya/Fauziah place @ about 3.30pm but they didn't believe it initially...hihi. They were still on d hiway [turned out they were visiting a relative in SP] when we were in front of their place. N being maid-less, Fauziah told us that she n d kids kemas rumah abis-abisan in d morning when she was informed yesterday of our impending visit...ada gak hikmah yeaa...huhu. Thnx to both as well as Adnan/Azah for your hospitality. BTW...Adnan/Azah's place tgh buat 'major renovation'...just wait n see

Saturday...jengok d students @ one of d study sites...Jeniang. This is to be considered as rural/hinterland development. Made a dash to Sik as well...just to see how different it is than Jeniang...eventho d former in in another district.

on d way back to SP...singgah this Sayang siap beli a bottle of Otaku 'char kue teow' sauce

Later in d afternoon...while on d way to Tg. Dawai...pit stop jap @ one d new commercial centres in SP. This is in Hajaba [owned by someone from Jitra]...n we learned that their 1st outlet is in fact in Shah Alam

Still on d way to Tg. Dawai...n sempat gak singgah @ Lembah Bujang Museum...with its many candi[s]

these r some of d 'perahu Sagor' found in d vicinity of d area...n they have been in use as far back as d 3rd century...woww

d logo of d museum will make a nice t-shirt for sure...tapi we arrived late n d museum proper oredi closed. But with d many items on offer for tourists, me think that d promotion of this place can be better packaged...hmm

n here we r in Tg. Dawai, which is another one of d study areas...our 1st stop is d jetty...lots of people were memancing...eventho there's a signage prohibiting it...

it was almost sunset when we got there...

...time for d fishermen to come home

my Sayang on 'nyopping mode' again...we were told that this place is well-known for its sea products...ikan pekasam, bilis, sotong kering n what's not

d Kedah state plans to turn Tg. Dawai as a tourist attraction n 2009 is "visit Kedah Year'. Looks like there's a lot that need to be done here...n we were informed later that most of d area is owned by an wonder la maintenance is almost none existance...n d locals seemed okay with that...or they may don't have much say in it

Sunday, after ceq-out, we headed to d area of KKM. This is Pantai Merdeka n I was here last when I was in d primary school...courtesy of d travelling group of Arwah Anjang in his white MiniGT 1275 along with Uteh, Bg Ngah n Bg Cik. It can be observed that it is catering to weekend crowds...especially those from Penang probably, but d level of cleanliness need to be improved...much much more

Pantai Merdeka actually is on d opposite side of Tg Dawai n separated by Sg Merbok. This is d masjid of Tg Dawai as seen from across d river mouth. About an hour later, our students would be there for a 'gotong royong' session.

From Pantai Merdeka we shifted to Kota Kuala Muda...where d tsunami disaster struck on Boxing Day 2004. Some works can be observed here...including some sort of beach protection scheme

this is a monument to commemorate the incident...but probably not fully finished no information board of any kind can be found there...

...n d help d tsunami victims. D place looked like it is not in use anymore but d signage looks new. They probably use it jarang2 kott...

...a cluster of houses damaged by d this area has been fenced up...may be as another monument. If I am not mistaken these houses r more than 50 metres in-shore...but still they were devastated by d force of nature.

on d way home on PLUS...saw this 'climbing' Volvo stuck to d barrier n facing away from its original direction...hopefully d occupants r ok...

Before reaching home, we made another stop...this time @ Bg Azmi/Bg Gee's place...for Ashrik...n mySayang b'day do...but that's another entry laa.

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